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  1. The plugs soaked up the epoxy pretty good so had to drill them but went under drill bit size and then used a small rats tail file on all six holes. Think it was less than a fifteen minute job. An allen wrench bolt inside the box might be a better way less fumbling than a wrench though a small ratchet wrench would work on the hex bolts better than the small wrench I used.
  2. I would only recommend it for an inexpensive guitar or at least until you've done it one time before something more precious to you. On a side note I almost got phillips head bolts but went with hex bolts thankfully because they had to be wrenched out since the epoxy went up above the wax line due to the paper towel plugs by creating a seal of sort. On the plus side I don't see a drip of epoxy inside the box as a result of the plugs...
  3. Thanks guys not bad for $11 Freeman... Have bolts will travel
  4. Thanks all ... sounds good
  5. Freeman might get a laugh out if this. One corner needed a slight amount of pressure to flush but this is a DIY fix for an inexpensive guitar so whatever works...
  6. Removed the tape within 30 minutes. A little more alcohol for a small bead on goop on the bridge and the finger glue marks..
  7. Cleaned up with rubbing alcohol..
  8. Appreciate the vote of confidence and I use to be better at fix it type projects but no big deal if I fudge it up either way..
  9. Flushing up now even without pressure. A few bolts and the epoxy should work. Knock on wood. Should have left it alone to begin with though..
  10. Been tinkering with it this is what it looks like at this point. Im working so I'll check it to see if it flushes better when I get home
  11. Thanks a lot to consider there. Was thinking melting candle wax on the bolts might be one solution. Didn't think about the washers inside so there's that also.
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