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  1. Mom still likes me best. Only because she doesn't know about this pic of you.....
  2. This thread should be stickied until the forum self destructs permanently. Farewell sweet forum! Parting is such sweet sorrow! And don't forget to visit the Threadkiller v2.0!!
  3. I miss Bono and S'Lou. In before the lock! Or total devastation..... Whichever may occur during the transfer. Oh! And! Zen.
  4. Originally Posted by Zamfir I swear, I've never laughed so hard at an HCBF thread as I did that one. I do not laugh.
  5. Originally Posted by Zamfir HCBF's finest hour of collective creativity is now locked. I am sad. While the avatar thread was truly epic, I disagree with it being HCBF's greatest moment of creativity ever....... The Thread Killer is still the greatest contribution to the internet known to man.
  6. Originally Posted by Low Tone Holy {censored}.... This thing ain't dead yet? And you're not banned for sucking up to the masses with that avatar?
  7. Originally Posted by 82Daion I have business waiting over there that I didn't get to deal with. Did Low Tone start another stupid argument?
  8. Originally Posted by Zamfir Actually, it's been around since before that. We lost the original (and a bunch of successors) when it got clipped in the days of (much more) limited server space. I dunno where we found the original thread-launching post...maybe T-40 had to recreate it? Anyway, I know it's been around since at least 2002 when I started hanging out seriously on HCBF, and probably since at least 2001. Actually, this one isn't that much younger than the original. I think there was only a few months separation but the original ran for several months.
  9. Originally Posted by monark I can't believe my count is even that high! I wish I was high............. Oh well... I'll go home tonight, take a couple of muscle relaxers and drink a beer. That will make it all better.
  10. I need to get postin' in this here beyatch again. It's my greatest contribution to the internet and I've been sadly neglecting it for the last few years.
  11. Originally Posted by acmaddox0825 Soooo what is this thread about? It'sall about me and my uncanny ability to drop a thread into oblivion as soon as I post in it. Exept for this one....
  12. *drive by posting* Whatup my peeps?
  13. I don't do breakfast. Unless it's for lunch or supper. Waffle House rules!
  14. Y'all are slipping in here.
  15. A scream unlocks the cage A roar rocks the stage The hunger of the animals is calling Thrive upon the rage Paw prints on the page The room's going wild, walls are falling Lights shine illumination bright Reveal all the madness here tonight Welcome, I bid you welcome To life inside the electric circus Hang on,hang on for your life The animals are all insane - God help us Electricity to burn Amplifiers churn Three ring madhouse calls the action It's life upon the road The insane asylum grows Night after night, the main attraction A strange world that you might wanna know When it comes alive - crank, crank, crank, crank the show Welcome, I bid you welcome To life inside the electric circus Hang on,hang on for your life The animals are all insane - God help us
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