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  1. Update:

    So I installed a Kappalite 3015 in the SWR Black Beauty before practice last night. I had fun showing my drummer the difference in weight between the stock and the neo mag. It's a major difference in a good way! Of course it thumps and shakes the ground with funny car power, but I was amazed at the mids, it really helped some of the bridge fingertyle twang cut through - even with a fairly flat EQ.

    I was totally inspired and not worrying about it blowing up so practice was killer! Thanks for this recommendation, it's solid.


    sorry i didn't get back to you on that.... Though i suspect you didn't have much of a problem installing the 3015. Weird speaker for a 15 eh? One thing i've noticed is that the bass, (that you feel in your chest), doesn't even kick in until you get a good 15-20 feet away from the cab. I had been cranking the bass on my GBE1200 trying to get some thunder in our tiny room. Then the other night at practice i stepped into the doorway, and then the hall, while playing, and it felt like the thing was gonna knock me down.
    Common for a 15 of course, but the original SWR speaker seemed to have more bass up close, then quickly diminishing with distance.

    I still wonder what result i may have gotten if i had went with the 3015LF.....

  2. I'll try and ask for adjustments after the first song, and then just deal with what he gives me for the rest of the set. I can usually get by with stage volume, and I'll walk around during crucial parts to listen to different instuments, if im not singing.

    its all just good practice for future gigs with horrible sound. It's gonna happen now and then no matter what. The more often it happens the better you'll be at dealing with it. Then when you get good sound it'll be a treat.

  3. I beat the crap out of my gear and fingers trying to find something original. Sometimes I get it from a bass, while other times I get it from feedback looping through delay pedals. Once the initial spark is in place, I ponder what will make the song work without falling back on cliches. I'm almost entirely driven by arraignment. It's most important to me that the tune not replicate anything I've done before. I also like to give myself challenges. In the past, and with the most recent band, I've relied far too heavily on D and A. These days I'm trying to write while avoiding those notes as much as possible. Limitations can breed remarkable creativity.


    i agree with everthing, but.....i think cliches are your friend..:thu:

    sex sells

  4. Ours was a college students big project, completely free for us, and our buddy got to make a school funded video, with semi-pro/pro equipment. So it was win-win for everybody, except that the video was an epic fail:facepalm:


    watch the first few seconds, you can actually see some guy walking up and squirting lighter fluid on some week-ass flames. redneck "pyrotechnics":facepalm:

  5. I confess, i used to tune my 5 ($400 fender jazz bass) a 1/2 step down with the original/cover band i was in for 8 years or so. Never had a problem with that bass. The guitars would switch between drop and standard, each a 1/2 step down though. We played a variety of genres. Everything from metal to reggae to classic rock. So i usually just learned everthing in one tuning, just for my own convenience, a bit of a compromise. When recording originals we would tune appropriately, for that open note sound, and hammer ons and such....

  6. I played with a guy who had one of the early ones, it had the "prematurely firing triac" issue. It would mute itself at high input levels. We were sharing a bass rig on tour once and kept having this problem whenever i would play slap. It was frustrating, everytime i would get into it, the thing would mute. Peavey recognized & fixed the problem though, and if you end up with one with this problem (not likey, if buying new don't worry at all) they'll fix it for free.

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