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  1. Get some lessons from an experienced teacher. Learning the proper hand technique will make all the difference. Using the wrong technique will hurt.


    Could you describe or perhaps show an examPle?

  2. Not sure I would buy into that. many bands who buy into that end up a power trio and are pretty limited on what they can do. I play in a 5 piece now ,, and have played in a 7 piece that we could expand out to 10 piece. Big bands are fun.


    If you've got the right guys sure. And i suppose it depends on the goals and expectations of the band. In my experience it's just been tough to find that many guys that are willing to do what it takes to move a band forward and still maintain day jobs, personal relationships, raise kids etc. It's a tough balance and if everyone's not on the same page it can cause problems.

  3. I grew up on bluegrass, but when I started playing music myself I headed towards rock. Played electric for 16 years and about a year ago came across a deal on an upright I couldn't resist. I had played other people's uprights at festivals and stuff over the years but it has still been very challenging. The toughest thing for me has been stamina. At first I got horrible blisters on my right first two fingers. I still don't think there's any way I could do a 4 set gig with it yet.

  4. I don't know, I think that you would get a different sound compared to the other strings. But worth a try.


    I do this with my ibanez. E a d g medium and b light. I've noticed that the light b is less muddy, and more consistent with the other strings. As long as all strings are same brand and same age it seems to sound fine to me.

  5. I have Elixir strings on all my basses and love them, they feel a bit funny at first but after two shows they are usually good to go and pretty consistant for a long time.

    Of course playing style and desired sound will always play a huge factor into if you will like them or not.

    They are not for everyone, but they work well for me.


    Me too. I change e a d g about once every 6 months and b about once a year.

    I practice two nights a week +gigs.

  6. im thinking of trading my old genz benz 250 watt 2X10 in for this:



    8 or 4 ohms


    2x10 in.






    400W RMS (AES Standard)


    3.5 kHz


    45 Hz to 18 kHz


    101 dB SPL


    33 lbs / 15 kg


    23.4 in. / 59.4 cm


    13 in. / 33 cm


    17 in. / 43.3 cm


    it would sit on top of my GBE 1200 with a nice 15 underneath.

    I like the size/weight and power handling and Ive heard great things about these cabs so far.


    Any other suggestions in that price range?

  7. I have been singing lead in my band for about three years. For originals i just write things in a way that makes it easy/comfortabe for me.

    Sometimes for covers i have to first slow the song down, painfully slow and break down the beat in order to find out exactly what beats to start and stop vocal notes/words on. Im still learning of course

  8. I haven't used an open-air monitor ever, IIRC. Unless I was doing a 2 or 3 piece gig and there was an extra. I can hear everyone and everything just fine from my singer's blasting 115+horn monitor or the one in front of my lead guitard.

    Monitors = crutches. Wuss.
    Just learn the song, ya?


    people get spoiled after having good ones for a while, same with tuners

    im guilty of the later......

    when i was younger and poorer i used to be able to tune by ear most of the time.......

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