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  1. getting ready to drive 11 hours with my wife, two huskies, and my parents in a winnebago. going to stevenson washington for a bluegrass festival right on the columbia river, all this week.

  2. sometimes at gigs i will reluctantly share my gear, usually either because its just easier for change out, or the other bassist doesn't have a rig. If theres bands playing after us I often use the "sorry, i gotta load out and be at work in the morning" line. Often my gear is the best bass gear there:facepalm: so everyone wants to use it. I'm alway present at the time of use. I like to hear my amp from out front.

    definetly feel more comfortable loaning it to some people more than others.

    I usually only loan out my bass in emergencies. Recently the singer/guitarist in a band we play with sometimes borrowed my bass to overdub all his bass players parts himself. Kinda guy that punches the strings, his bass tracks were no good.

    the only other time i loaned out my bass was at a gig. The other guys bass was brand new, never been gigged or practiced, and his neck was all screwed up, couldn't even get it in tune.

  3. And some things happened with a woman I have no interest in (
    ). She keeps texting me. I told her to stop, she won't. How do you block texters? I mean, I can send calls straight to voice mail, but texts? I use a G1, and I am on T-Mobile... Don't call me a douche either, kthx


    are you worried about your reputation?


    cuz if not you could do some real {censored}ed up {censored}....:facepalm:

  4. ive been doing a lot of diet coke and rums

    very nice and no calories and no carbs


    lately i've been on a grapefruit kick, so i'll chop up half a grapefruit, shot of vodka, and some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Then i only refill the juice and vodka for at least a couple drinks, and eat the fruit afterwards. Its very tasty, and easy to get wasted on, but you gotta acquire a taste, and ability to drink that much of something that acidic. At first it would give me heartburn, but then after a while i noticed i stopped getting heartburn altogether....:idk:

  5. Same...And I am a fat ass


    i don't understand.:mad: i work very hard, harder than most people i know, and gig often, (hard work), mountain bike, walk my dogs regularly, eat fairly well, but im still easily 20-30 pounds over my ideal weight. but, i do drink alot of beer...:facepalm:

  6. do you drink pbr often?

    lol, its only like 20 to 1am here. you a golf fan? im gonna set the alarm tomorrow morning so i can watch the last round of the open championship.


    only when the $ gets a little tight, we're saving up for our "vacation" next week.

    Otherwise we (the wife and I) prefer Becks, St. Pauli, Heineken, Gouden Haven, things of that nature.


    Course, we also had a bunch leftover from the rodeo last night....OMG, :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

  7. what are you doing right now?

    im drinking coors light (yeah i know) and listening to mr bungle.

    what are you doing?


    :thu:drinking PBR


    MADTV is on in the background:facepalm:

  8. IIRC, the one of the concerns of drinking too much water in a short period of time is that it dilutes your body's electrolytes, among other things.

    supposedly this is the same thing that can cause death when people take MDA, because it makes them super thirsty and they basically OD on water.
    Too much water flushes electrolytes, then brain functions stop. :idk:

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