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  1. A little background. last few years I've been playing EB & URB in a couple cover bands, gigging regularly and lugging around a GBE 1200 (45 lb.s +rack) leftover from my original rock band days. Coupled with a Frankencab (old swr workingman with kappa lite 15, 54 lb.s) this was plenty for any of our gigs. Overkill really.. Shuttle 6.2 gets here Thursday. Next in my sights is a fishman platinum pro bass, but I think Frankencab eventually has to go, for weight if nothing else. My plan is to get a nice 12, then down the road something else and sell the 15. Right now, I'm leaning towards an Epifani PS 112, for the price and weight, and reviews. From what i read the UL (?) is better, but nearly twice the price. As far as I know nobody in my area carries them though, so I can't test drive.. For down the road, just looking for a second cab, I stumbled upon "Greg's pro audio", they have these interesting 1X10's, large dimensions, actually heavier than the Epi 12. 350 watt. Same price as the Epi. Anyone have any experience with either of these? Thanks.

  2. Lightly used GBE 1200, 1200 watt (@ 2 ohms) bass amp. For $800 I would personally deliver, for free, anywhere within 300 miles of Boise idaho. Anywhere further, well have to work something out. The amp cost $1400 new and has been mounted in a SKB case since the day I got it, with vinyl washers protecting the faceplate. Foot switch included. Sam

  3. Quote Originally Posted by n9ne View Post
    I honestly didn't realize that nodding off during gigs was such a no-no.

    Looks like I'll have to give our audience a very stern talking-to.

    We're not a "party band" so to speak. At the same time we have no rules against getting loaded, but if you can't do your job, then it becomes a problem. It's funny, I'm 30, youngest in the band by at least ten years. Out of four guys I'm probably the second most professional and fourth in experience.
  4. Quote Originally Posted by Potts View Post
    It doesn't sound like partying to me. It sounds like pills or heroin...neither of which are good. I wish that dude the best of luck.
    Yup. Pills, he even told one of the other guys he took a lorazepam and I know he's been in methadone treatment in the past. The band "leader" feels he has some sort of obligation to this guy. It's probably time for myself, at least, to say it's him or me.
    We had weekly outdoor hotel restaurant gig all summer that we did acoustic, without him, without a hitch, ever. That was one of the best gigs I've ever had. Got my chops up to par on the upright.
  5. Last night, drummer starts out first two sets, playing well, but too fast. I noticed him clenching his jaw. Then for the 3rd and 4th set, he's literally passing out in the middle of songs, saying bs in the mic, falling apart. We would start a song, maybe make it few measures an he'd start to drag, then get quieter and quieter until he stopped. We would just keep going, and he'd snap to all of a sudden but be completely lost. Guys in his mid to late 40's, bad health, too much partying his whole life. (If I was in charge I would have paid him, fired him, and sent him home after 3rd set. But why that didn't happen is a different story) it's embarrassing to say the least, and at the same time I can't help but feel bad, or maybe it's pity, for the guy. He is good, when he's "sober", or at least balanced out. But still unacceptable.

  6. buy a drink for someone on stage (or everyone) and leave the tip under the glass/cup, etc.?


    Off topic but your post reminded me...


    Had this waitress, she must have been new, at this bar gig. Someone buys us a round of beers, and she brings them up, right as were starting a song, and stands there with this "wtf?" look on her face holding them up, as if to say "you gonna take these or what". We're just a 3 peice, so everyone's busy. She stood there awkwardly right in front of the stage with that look for the whole song until guitar player ended and took the plate. Weird

  7. A band I know actually bought a bottle of liquor from the bar they were playing at and started bringing people up to the stage and giving out/taking shots with people. Of course those people end up buying even more drinks, and drinks for the band. It worked great, they ended up getting more than enough tips to cover the expense, plus the bar gave them a bonus at the end of the night.

  8. I was in a 4 peice band for a few years with 2 brothers. They were essentially a 2 vote block, always putting either the drummer or myself in the awkward position of tie breaker. Drummer was a total pushover so I was usually screwed.

    They also fought like brothers, anywhere and everywhere. I remember making them stop the truck and let me out once cause they were screaming at each other across my face while I was sitting in between them.


    The band was originally a three peice, and when the singer proposed adding his brother I adamantly protested for all the obvious reasons but was out voted due to the pushover drummer.


    I eventually quit of course, none to soon.

    My replacement and the added brother actually got in a fist fight while they were on the road. Glad I got out of that one.

  9. I play in two bands, one is my own creation, the other is a group of older(than me) guys.

    My band is original driven, but we do play covers. We practice twice a week normally, gig twice a month. I'm the singer/songwriter/bassist. That band takes a lot of energy, a lot of work to keep going.

    The other band I play bass only in rarely practices, plays mostly covers, but makes much more money. A few members come and go, we may practice if we play with someone new, just a whole different approach. Compared to my band, these guys are top notch players who could jump in and play with anybody.


    The drummer in my band plays in a band I was previously in for eight years, i quit because I couldn't handle the lead guys ego anymore.

    I have to admit him playing in another band does cause problems, but try to have a stark contrast to the others guys "management" style, and always be the bigger better person. (all that entails is not fighting with my bandmates, and not having unrealistic expectations of them)

  10. ya know, one thing your poll is not mentioning is two 12 cabs. the above post made me think of the Genz Benz Neo 212XT. That is a pretty monsterous cabinet in it's own right.


    I've looked into those, and they seem great. My only issue is cost, coupled with their shape. At $600 a piece, buying two at once is cost prohibitive for me. And I can't see a way to stack one with a fifteen, or 2x10, amp, that would be stable and pleasing to the eye.


    And, if I am not mistaken, they only come in 4 ohms, so it either has to be your only cab or you'll need a 2 ohm stable amp.

  11. Sam I thought the idea behind 18's was to throw it way out back in large venues?Anyway a pair of good 15's would be my choice among those listed.


    This is true. I would never buy an 18 for a bass cab.

    I knew a guy years ago that had a full genzbenz rig with 18 and 4x10. He got it through an endorsement, or contest or something. It actually was a very nice rig, but soundguys hated it, understandably.

  12. Typically, an 18 is a better match for 4x10.

    A 15 is better matched with 2x10, but it really depends on the particular amps/cabs.

    I currently have a 450 watt 15, it can hang with a mid-level 4x10, but many 15s top out 200 250

  13. you have 7 guitars, need them all to play a gig, but need to see the dots to play? Something not adding up for me here...


    Agreed. I have never seen someone play who felt it necessary to bring 7 guitars to a gig that wasn't a national touring act with a guitar tech.

    Make life easy, 2 guitars a gig. 1 primary and 1 backup. Get some more effects if you need to.

    If I was a club owner, and someone showed up with 7 guitars, and then proceeded to use every single one, I would not have them back. Club owners and patrons arent paying to watch musical guitars all night.

    Keeping 7 guitars tuned sounds like a nightmare, let alone keeping them all in working order on any kind of budget.

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