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  1. A buddy's band had the following policy: Yes, we will play Freebird if you request it, but it will cost you $100 to make us stop playing it. The most they ever played it was two and a half times. Unfortunately, I was sitting in on guitar that night!


    Might have to steal that idea....

  2. It's funny because the songs that sound best are also the ones that we put the most time into.


    I honestly have found the exact opposite to be true, especially when it comes to writing/composing original material. My best (crowd pleaser) songs have two maybe three chords, two verses.


    Blur, song 2,always goes over great. People dance and sing along. We used to do a song called "vocal" by pomeroy.(before we lost our fourth member) Song has tons of crazy tough riffs and hard to nail stops and weird timing stuff, and it's really danceable. But it wasnt popular enough. I swear The only people who really appreciated it were other musicians.

  3. Drinking and gigging in downtown Boise is a dangerous mix for me. As a bass player, I usually have more gear than I could fit in a taxi. plus I'm usually playing multi band shows, and a personal rule of mine is to get the gear out of the club as soon as I'm done playing, and if don't plan on leaving right away that wouldn't work with a taxi either. So, since I'm the only one in the band with truck and camper shell I pretty much have to drive myself unless I can borrow an amp that night or get a dd. (pretty rare, couldn't even get one on my bday)

  4. Impossible to say who's still gonna be around in 20-30 years. Did anybody think U2 would be who they are today before their 5th or 6th album? The Chili Peppers are a good call, but only because they've already got 20+ years under their belt. Who would have thought they would develop into such "legend" status when they first started out?

    It takes years to get to the point. There's no way of knowing who makes the cut or not---especially with a band since so much is dependent on whether they actually bother to stay together or not.

    But as far as individuals go? Sure. I can easily see old-and-wrinkled versions of Pink, Gaga, Rhianna, Bruno Mars or dozens of other currently hot acts still being around. SOMEBODY'S gotta be the Rod Stewarts of the future.


    It will be interesting to see. Only time will tell.

    as I get older the new music seems to get more and more disposable to me.

    I suppose that's just part of getting older.

  5. We've considered putting together a poor mans IEM setup just for practice using a headphone amp, pa, and stock headphones. We just want to cut down volume at practice. The acoustic drums are still the main problem though. Drummer plays way too many cymbals and way too loud.

  6. I have little doubt whatsoever that whichever bands are playing the Super Bowl 20 years from now will be bands that many people are laughing at and not taking seriously today.


    (I know it's off-topic but) like who?

    I see it just being whoever the most current chart topping popstar happens to be at that point.

    The "lady" gaga of the time.

    Someone who possibly hasn't even been born yet.

    That's just my prediction.

  7. but as a listener I try to drop and just be a fan. It's a lot more satisfying than filling out some kind of report card for every goddamn song I hear.


    At one point in my life I caught myself doing that exact thing. Analyzing every band and song for technical mistakes. It ruins music in a way. I had to consciously remind my self to just listen to the music and enjoy it. Or pay attention to other aspects, like the heart and feel, the honesty or how I can relate to a song or performer.

  8. A music store in town is having a big sale ...20% off, so I went to drool. There I saw a 5 string Schecter that I'd seen before on web sites. So what the heck, good price and I bought. But I was puzzled when I got home and played it ... I expected the usual extra string, and the other strings not where I'm used to them being, but it feels odd to play. Is this something that just takes time? The low B string looks like a tree trunk, so I'm wondering if they're medium or heavy gauge .. I might try a lighter gauge. And the strings being closer together is a different feeling ... I guess you do get use to that.


    I actually use medium for e a d g and light for b. It actually helps balance the notes/bass/volume differences that some 5 have issues with. And the difference in feel is very subtle, even though the light b is barely bigger than the med e. (btw I use elixirs and as far as I know they don't even make a med gauge b)

  9. Had a similar incident recently. A locksmith friend told me he let the county police into a club we were supposed to be playing that following weekend. They had confiscated all sound equipment, liquor license, and any$. I immediately started trying to contact the owner. After no success I started looking into the club and owner. Turns out the guy hadn't been paying his employees, contractors, utilities, bands, creditors, you get the idea. He had three properties being seized by the city. Multiple lawsuits. I couldn't even contact him to cancel. The day of the gig about 3 hours before we would have played he calls me and acts surprised that we're canceling.

  10. LOL you might want to amend that to they wont play a super bowl half time show when they are in their 60s.


    I will be surprised to see any of today's popular bands accomplish that.


    I can think of two or three BANDS(not popstars) that have come out in the last 30 years that might get to that level.

  11. to compare this song with "serious" singer/songwriters is like comparing apples and oranges. Good singing certainly hasn't gone out of fashion. There are plenty of crappy singers today who are
    to sound good, and those are the ones who are probably more worthy of discussion.


    Or like comparing apples and hanggliders.

  12. OK. The golden ears have spoken. What a freaking waste of time trying to be the arbiter of what is good or not. Hey! He's off pitch! Yep. Maybe he even can't sing in key if he wanted to. And you don't like it.

    So what.

    I mean, really. Who made you the king of anything? Nobody did. Trust in
    fact > Some people like things that you don't. And that does not make you smarter. It means you're not seeing or hearing what they are.

    It's that simple.

    And that, in and of itself, doesn't make you any dumber either. But your self appreciation of your musical barometer is just a hoot. That's just silly and arrogant.

    You don't like it. Fine. So what.



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