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  1. M13 is only a stomp box device, it is not a preamp or amp simulator. I think that rules out the M13, it has to be run into an amp. Max
  2. My wife just got a Hero and she was telling me how it is now better than the iPhone. Then she figured out that she can't make or get calls if her phone is accessing the data network (this is a Sprint/Verizon limitation). She also can't seem to get the alarm to work regularly. It seems like there is potential there but from what I see I will stick with my iPhone. Max
  3. I have a beef heart in my freezer that I am saving for Lord Voldemort. Does that count? Max
  4. Also the M13 is just an effects box, it has no amp models or direct recording capabilities. The M13 needs to be used with an amp or preamp in the very least. Max
  5. Sounds like amature night! No one but an amature would show up for a gig without the gear needed to pull off the gig. Max
  6. in his defense there are alot of people who choose to stay in welfare taking away from those who really need it I'm pretty sire that they have made many changes to the rules over the years, and it is pretty hard to stay on the welfare wagon these days. Why not just admit that you have a problem with people that are poor, under educated or mentaly ill? Max
  7. I agree, I have a pair in a thinline type tele that I built and it just sounds pervect to me. I don't play high gain stuff. Max
  8. I plan to die when I am old, so the fact that I have tats doesn't change the plan. Each one is a memory of a time and place so when I am old I will still have those memories of when I was younger. I got my 1st one 20 years ago, haven't changed my mind about them yet, I'm 38, have a wife and 3 kids but I got my nose pierced last year. I do it because I don't have to answer to anyone and if it offends someone I see that as their problem not mine. This times about a thousand. I always hear people say things like wow that isn't going to very pretty when you get old and wrinkly. The thing is nothing about you will be pretty when you are old and wrinkly so what is the problem? Dude is that avatar you? If so you could be the evil twin of a friend that comes out to a lot of our shows. Max
  9. They are made from sawdust and resin. They are about the cheapest guitar Gibson ever made. They were the cheapest gibson you could buy at the time. Bolt on neck, bad QC. About on par with the import guitars of the time. Max
  10. Rush Limbaugh said he would leave the country if the bill was signed. He's still complaining his fat ass off, making a ton of money, and he hasn't left. What gives? :poke: Maybe everytime that big fat idiot opens his hate filled mouth we should remind him of that promise. I bet him and Chavez would get along well, maybe they will take him. Max
  11. Interesting article on the healthcare debate - http://www.investingdaily.com/id/17120/healthcare-reform-the-700-billion-lie.html As far as the hole "you're not Christian if you don't like this bill" claim goes, that is just plain idiotic. Christ taught to help others. This is a personal choice. It is for our personal benefit to help others because we will be blessed and learn great things from it such as humility. This healthcare bill takes the choice right out of it and FORCES people to give money that is supposedly going to help others. Giving aid because you are forced to gives you nothing, just as Christ taught. If we are not helping people out of our own free will, it means absolutely nothing in the eyes of God. Well it seems like you Christians were doing such a piss poor job of helping the poor and sick that the governement had to step in. Maybe if the Churches could actually help all of those in need and would be willing to do so we would not need health care reform. We could go to the church instead on the emergency room. Despite all of the good intentions of Christians there were still millions of sick people with no health care and not enough food to eat. How dare you Christians allow this to happen? Max
  12. The people who were against it seem to forget that the uninsured were not just going home and dying they went to the emergency room and then defaulted on the bill. The hospitals then just jack up the price of service to cover those unpayed bills. These pople would wait until they were so sick they had to go the emergency room costing losts of money, if they could have gotten treatment earlier it would have been much cheaper than an emergency room visit. Now maybe if they truly turned away people who could not pay and left in the parking lot to die, they might have something to complain about when these people all of sudden were allowed to get treatment intead of just dying for free. Max
  13. They need to make a 30 watt version. Max
  14. I notice that people from the East pronounce Oregon as "Or eeee gone" Where north of Seattle we say "Or uh gun" Max
  15. South Park doesn't seem to seem to be all that liberal. They have poked fun at Obama, and Hillary and Bill Clinton. I don't remember them putting people like Bush or Limbaugh on the skewer. Max
  16. As far as I know Mac N Jacks is not bottled, it is only available in Kegs. Seattle and Portland are great cities to enjoy micro brewed beers. Max
  17. Yes indeed Mac N Jacks is one fine tasty beer! Hope you enjoyed your stay. Max
  18. I have been a real big fan since the 70s. However I am not as thrilled with the later stuff like Two Against Nature. I never get tired of listening to thier stuff. Max
  19. I liked the couple of real PRS guitars I have played. However the SE models just don't do it for me at all. Max
  20. Yup. The Federal Gov'ment threatened to withhold funding for roads etc. unless states complied. Pretty strange amount of reach into state's sovereignty if you really think about it. I don't see how, the government didn't force them to do it. The states had every right and all the ability to just say fine we will raise our own money for roads then. I think a lot of states wanted to change the drinking age anyway and that just aloowed them to blame the feds. Max
  21. Oh, and an important question I forgot to ask is what is the age limit for getting into bars in Seattle? My friend is only 20, so will she be screwed? I thought the Federal Governement had gotten all the states to change the drinking age to 21 by denying federal road funds to states that didn't change the age. Max
  22. They lived a grew up around my area. They used to play in the clubs around here before they went to Canada. They were mostly known for the Zeppelin stuff they used to cover. They were almost a Led Zeppelin tribute band before they started doing thier own stuff. If you grew up in the 70s you couldn't miss them, they were huge. Speaking of huge I say Anne sing Rock and Roll by Zep with Van Halen, and she as big as Ed and Sammy together. Max
  23. Actually bees are rapidly disappearing. They might be extinct in our lifetime. Actually only one type of bee is disapearing and they are not even native bees to this country. The type of bee that is now disapearing has been displacing native bees for many years and are the reason many native species have been in decline. Max
  24. I gave up on them because they just don't sound good. I bought a cheap Variax 300 which produces the best fake acoustic tones I have ever heard. I just run into a powered EON on stage. It also has the added bonus of a great 12 string acoustic sound. Max
  25. We used to have a no alcohol rule at rehearsals and gigs. This was put in place because our drummer at the time had some real alcohol issues and if he was drinking he was wasting our time. Now that he is gone we can have a few beers over several hours and everything is fine, it only took one alcoholic in the band to require us to have a rule. Max
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