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  1. Also the M13 is just an effects box, it has no amp models or direct recording capabilities. The M13 needs to be used with an amp or preamp in the very least. Max
  2. I agree, I have a pair in a thinline type tele that I built and it just sounds pervect to me. I don't play high gain stuff. Max
  3. I plan to die when I am old, so the fact that I have tats doesn't change the plan. Each one is a memory of a time and place so when I am old I will still have those memories of when I was younger. I got my 1st one 20 years ago, haven't changed my mind about them yet, I'm 38, have a wife and 3 kids but I got my nose pierced last year. I do it because I don't have to answer to anyone and if it offends someone I see that as their problem not mine. This times about a thousand. I always hear people say things like wow that isn't going to very pretty when you get old and wrinkly. The thing is nothing about you will be pretty when you are old and wrinkly so what is the problem? Dude is that avatar you? If so you could be the evil twin of a friend that comes out to a lot of our shows. Max
  4. I thought only soccer moms were into Bon Jovi, them and Nickleback fans. It seem like the Who just sort of mailed that one in. The lightihg was pretty amazing but the performance was just dull. Max
  5. It comes down to Karma. If you are ready and willing to screw people over then you should not whine too much when you get a well deserved reward like losing your job. Max
  6. I am trying to find modules for the old Seymour Duncan Convertible amps. They went out of production around 1990. If you have any lying around I would like to buy them. Thanks Max Newman
  7. He just doesn't change style with the times. Same hair as he has always had. Kind of like the guys that are still wearing the mullet and still think it looks cool. Max
  8. I am thinking of getting an X3 and running it into a powered EON speaker that I already use for roland guitar synth. I could use that setup for gigs where the stage is very small. Max
  9. I'm at the Rondo site, looking at some of the LP copies, and something jumps out at me. In bold letters, for the Al-2000s, the words Made in Korea. Is this an aberration? Will the Korean made guitars still be superior to the Made in China? I have to rethink my vow not to buy any new guitars for awhile. I believe that all of the Agile branaded guitars are made in Korea. Rondo also sells Douglas and SX guitars but they are not a house brand and are not speced by Rondo Music, and are built in China. Max
  10. I have a Line6 HD147 that is miles better sounding than the original POD. You can often find them used for a good price. You can use it direct to record and it is also a very powerful amp as well. Max
  11. I got a Fender Supersonic - pretty versatile. Decent on-board overdrive. Put a good tubescreamer in front and you're good to go. I have the same amp and I have nothing but good things to say about the Fender Super-Sonic. Max
  12. I just used my new M13 at a gig this last weekend. I must say it worked great and sounded great. My pedal board had Fulltone Wah, Fulltone Fulldrive 2, Keeley 2 knob compressor, Fulltone OCD, and Fulltone Fat Boost. Now that pedalboard is a backup. Thanks to guys at Line 6 for creating this great product. I just upgraded to version 2.0 and am very happy with the new added models. Max
  13. Is there more than one season of Breaking Bad? The first season is several years old now. Max
  14. Valkyria Chronicles is one of the gest games I have played on any console and it is PS3 exculsive game. Max
  15. I have an Agile Goltop with P-90s and that guitar is the benst bang for the buxk I have ever seen. The stock P-90s sound great and the guitar was set up great right out of the box. Max
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