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NGD: Hagstrom Viking


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I gotta agree as to the neck, NOT chunky...neck is slim, and faster than my left hand :)


But I LOVE this guitar! Had an Epiphone EA 250 Matsumoku made back in junior high, always regretted getting rid of that one. So I'm back into the Semi-hollow world, and glad to be here.

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HNGD, remove that pseudo bigsby and then you can rock


I've played those and frankly, if I ever have the $ at the same time a gold topped variant is around, I'm scooping her. That is one of the best Bigsby sounding non Bigsby looking vibrato bars I've ever played. Smooth, easy and stays in tune.


The neck is not chunky. Nice neck though. Very fast.


Congratulations!! You bagged a Hag!!:thu:

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