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Essential power pop/alt rock: what to buy?


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I'm a pp/ar guy with influences from the Beatles and the Who to the Police and Elvis Costello to Weezer and Cake with lots of other stuff in there as well.


However, I havent bought much music in the last decade or so.


I'd like to fill in the gaps with good CDs that are worthy of buying outright.


What bands and CDs are truly essential and "timeless"?

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Replacements, either Pleased to meet me, or Tim

Get up kids- Bird on a wire or 4 minute mile

I'm assuming you own Cheap tricks greatest hits?

Blackpool lights- This towns disaster

Damnwells- Bastards of the Beat

Perfect- Once twice three times a maybe

Raconteurs- Broken boy soldiers (Jack whites side band. MUCH better than white stripes, IMO)


Any love for alt country? Drive by truckers is always fun, as is my morning jacket.

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If we are talkin newer stuff, I'll second that one
and add:

Click 5

Spill Canvas

Panic! At the Disco

and, of course,




Have you checked out Silversun Pickups? Not exactly power pop, but definitely newer stuff with a nice dose of synth. I dig the guy's voice. And the female bassist adds some sweet high harmonies, too.

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