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The Courtney Love's article is dead on. The authorship scam ensures getting famous=getting f*cked. People screamed about it when it happened, and then lost all their promotional money....funny how that happened.


ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and the RIAA are all a bunch of finks who are in a slobbering 3 way with the 'big 3' and washington. Blecch.


EDIT: even though it is a really old article

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The Courtney Love's article is dead on.




It's an idiot who is coasting off of the song-writing and royalties of someone else crying 'foul' when she's been living a life of luxury for 20+ years.


Sorry, but here's the simple truth on that:


NO band spends $500k recording their debut album, and $500k each on their first two videos if they actually want to earn money in the music business.


ANY band that does spend that kind of money in the first place deserves and should expect to get financially raped...and maybe kicked in the nuts too.


BTW, that's 75% of her $2m the band earned.

If you cut that amount in half to $750k (Which is still more than would need to be spent on recording and videos), now the band has earned $750k after all recouping...which is a boatload of money for a debut band to make, considering they'll also be touring their asses off and selling merch if they were selling those kind of numbers.


But that's just my take on it...


In any case, it's exceptionally passe to be griping about bands not making $ in the record biz anyway. Has been for about a decade.

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