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  1. I am a full time pro that has been slugging it out behind the scenes for 20 years. It is useable in the studio and not much else. And a demo studio at that. Won't make a master session except in a few select applications. The amp models are so so, but the reverbs/delays/and toys are o.k. It does some things really well, but others horribly. It can't touch an eventide or an axe-efx. But then that isn't fair as they are 4 times as much. The bang for the buck is o.k. Think of it as a TC GMajor with some modeling toys thrown in.
  2. I got this guitar because when I played it for the first time, it slayed me. I own a Gibson RD artist, a PRS custom 24, a Music Man Silhouette, a Gibson 335, a Jay Turser, a G & L strat, a Guild Bluesbird, a Brian Moore, a The Heritage Jazz box, and a few others. The Jaros is not only my "main" guitar now (replacing the PRS), but it's leaving everything else in the dust. I don't even use the other guitars anymore. For anything. I use the Jazz box for trad jazz gigs cuz it has flatwounds on it and is a big-ass box. But for rock, blues, metal, country, jam band, roots, funk, R&B, and anything else I'd use a solidbody for, I use the Jaros. I found MY guitar. Finally. Even though this is an expensive guitar, it's way worth it.
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