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  1. Very Informative Craig! One thing I wanted to add is that the DIgitech GSP line has a setting in the unit that shapes the signal based on the type of amp, such as SS stack, Tube Combo, Tube Stack, etc.. that can make all the difference in the world- as these units do not come out of the box preset to work with tube amps. The usually come with the cabinet simulators turned on, and the shaping set to direct (PA), and when plugged through a guitar amp, as you know, sounds like garbage! I didn't realize the part about the input levels, but have had that digital distortion (I called it digital artifacting, not realizing what was causing it) - I chased a lot of dead ends trying to rectify it, including selling off an active pickup guitar that seemed to have more trouble in that area than the others. Now I will be checking my levels and hopefully improving my tone. Good times!
  2. We don't do banter much at all in my cover band. I never really thought about it until I did a fill in gig recently. The singer rallied the crowd, called for socials, held the mic out to them for crowd participation pars like "da da da" on sweet caroline (we didn't do that one, just using it as an example). The whole night, this guy kept the bar packed til close. He didn't spend more than 15-30 seconds just talking... it was either a quick rally, or a crowd participation event like doing the socials. The bar told us later that it was the best night they ever had on liquor. Now I get it.
  3. ...and prior to the 'new' forums, I had 10,000+ posts, and then it was knocked down to somewhere around 4k .. PFFT!
  4. I have delusional aspirations, so yeah, when I look in the mirror, there's always some delusional guy looking back at me
  5. My HDD went kaput a few days ago. Got a SSD to replace it, but cannot retrieve my old files. Most of it was backed up, but not my downloads folder... I lost my x-edit C63 download. I've scoured the internet and cannot find it- the website that hosted it previously is gone, disappeared, now goes to a generic godaddy landing page. Can anyone zip and send it to me ? PM for email address please, thanks!
  6. In this particular case, a band booked a gig, but then split. The drummer who booked the gig had a relationship with the club and didn't want to bail, so he put together this group. We all put all the songs we knew into email and settled on 40some songs. We did three rehearsals, which was a good thing.. there was a lot of arrangements and versioning to work out, we mashed up a lot of songs as well. We dropped a few songs that didn't come together so well, added others... In the end, we killed it at the gig. The club even gave us a bonus. It was a good experience and I had fun. I'm not in this for the money anymore, so I could give a crap about that as much as having fun and playing music.
  7. Oh, NOW I see this thread after creating a new one.. so here goes, I'll try to delete the new one I created in a moment My Board: Signal path starts at bottom right. Guitar goes to: Crybaby Wah (Standard model) Boss Volume Pedal Boss Chromatic Tuner MXR Super Badass distortion EQ Devices Hoof Reaper Dual pedal Xotic SL Drive Xotic BB Boost/Preamp EQ Devices Bit Commander Chain wraps back to right-middle into: EHX POG2 EQ Devices Grand Orbiter Phaser MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay EQ Devices Sea Machine Chorus EQ Devices Data Corrupter Chain Wraps back to top-right into: Strymon Mobius - Chorus + Mod FX Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Boss DD-6 Digital Delay TC Electronics Hyper Gravity Compressor EQ Devices Afterneath Reverb Boss GE-7 EQ.
  8. Found another post and posted there, removed content
  9. I'm subbing for a group for a gig in a couple weeks. We've sloshed together 40 songs from basically all our previous set lists with our respective cover bands. Had to actually learn 15-20 songs myself. 3 rehearsals prior (I usually only agree to one or two). I like subbing. No commitments, easy pay usually. Occasional trainwrecks, but over the years, I've minimized those just by telling them up front if I get to a rehearsal and everyone doesn't know their {censored}, then I'm out. I won't do a gig with lazy hacks and embarrass myself. Been there done that.
  10. I'm pretty sure that when a bunch of guys sat around and decided that they were going to form an 80's glam metal band and to make it obnoxious and offensive, that everyone rolled their eyes at them too. And now we have Steel Panther
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