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  1. I use the Xotic BB boost, it's super flexible and sounds great no matter how I use it - either for boost or light dirt tones. Notably, I've added both the EQD Arrows and Black Eye pedals for clean and solo boosts and they make the need for any 'dirt' boost kind of pointless for me.
  2. I find the Ibanez CS9 and FL9 pedals to be among the best I've used. Simple, elegant, and they really mix well with band volumes.
  3. I'm kind of hoping (maybe fantasy) that once this is all over, that the masses will crave and appreciate the performing arts and social events surrounding the arts far more than the virtual arts (youtube, facebook, etc..). We're all getting a heavy dose of social media, and I believe the world is seeing it for what it is- a flimsy and ungratifying way to socialize, and now that it's been forced on us all by proxy, when we get past it, I think the social media sites will see a much reduced participation level than before the crisis. The internet is a tool, and a useful one, but not the en
  4. Yep this sucks. My band hasn't even rehearsed since the last week of Feb. I'm in an area that had one of the first outbreaks, so we're now on stay at home orders from the governor. Music isn't my income, but gigs did help pay for some really nice gear and let's face it, when everyone gets along and gels well in a band, it's just good times and some of my fondest life memories. I'm so sorry for those of you who can't work One of my favorite inspirational quotes from a fictional character: "We shall endure".
  5. I have to say my 'new' coverband recorded our first practice.. The volumes were dialed back and we sounded fantastic. I'm glad I have this at least, and the search for a great side-band continues....
  6. I got a chance to play the elite Strat last week, also incredible, I dunno if I can wait a year to buy the strat but my wallet says NO
  7. We're renaming right now and here's the frontrunners: The Effin Band Faceplant Crowd Sourcers Side Effects The guys chose one of them- Side Effects, which is the one I least care for, lol. What do you guys think?
  8. I agree tele's are kinda of repulsive looking, I've always loved strat styles myself. And this years color options on the Ultra's is a tragedy that is almost inexcusable. But man.. this might be the best model Fender has ever built. I've played a wide quality range of Fenders over the years, and this one is better by every measure so far, it's feel rivals the best guitars I've ever played. It's nice to finally own one again after many years
  9. I completely agree Grant, and my rant is probably just a byproduct of my frustration with players who cannot look at the composition as a whole. I try not to be negative in most spaces of my life, and occasionally have to have some verbal diarrhea to purge myself of these frustrations I'm all about what I call the 9th note - the rest. Most people I play with seem to have this desperate need to fill every possible moment with sound. A good example is the drummer who rides the crash symbols, which when in a non-creshendo moment tends to stomp all over everyone. I've seen guitarists do
  10. Just got it on Friday, gigged with it on Saturday. Anyone who ever said a mexi or performer series was just as good is just ... wrong! 😛
  11. As usual, my passion overstates my ability to express my thoughts accurately. I would cite Peart and even Geddy Lee as great musicians who don't or didn't crush the guitar in the mixes. Sure, they play very intricate parts, and there's nothing wrong with that, but at no time do I ever hear either of them stomping all over the guitar work, most especially over any intricate parts. That's kind of what I was getting at. I believe I spoke better to the problem in my original post examples. Not a big deal, I was really just venting, but it continues to be an issue when it comes to creative pro
  12. Lots of interesting perspectives and points made here. My initial post was more on the PMS'ing about bass and drums specifically because of the nature of their instruments.. they are supposed to be the rhythm section, and especially in the post-rock genre, where the guitar work and effects are so intricate, it just frustrates me to no end how "lead drummers" and "lead bassists" so vastly outnumber the actual rhythm players.
  13. So... Just something that's been gnawing on my mind the last few months. I'm from the 80's, cut my teeth on everything from Led Zep to Metallica and from Duran Duran to Stevie Ray, good times As an electric guitarist in these mostly rock-based cover bands throughout my life, I learned early on that 1) if there's another guitarist in the band, there's a 99% chance he's going to always be louder than me, and 2) If I try to turn up to get anywhere near his volume, he will just turn up more (not all, but most). For some reason many guitarists from that era are super competitive
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