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  1. So we got a gig coming up next week. Bars around here are allowed to open to 75% capacity. The bar has been harping on us almost daily about how many people we're going to bring 🙄 to the point that I'm no longer even looking forward to playing there. Oh yea, and NO FREE BEER.
  2. And just this other one- It's pretty amazing musicianship
  3. I'm really into the genre post-rock. It's like rock with no rules, truly alternative by it's own nature. This is a really fantastic album I wanted to share and hopefully excite a few people into learning new ways of looking at rock
  4. My band started rehearsals during the summer after the initial 'wave' of the pandemic simmered down. We're on hiatus again since this 2nd / 3rd surge doesn't seem to be slowing down I miss rehearsals the most. We haven't gigged since just before Covid hit back in February. I guess the silver lining is that we've consistently added new songs and since we don't rehearse together as much, everyone has been extra prepared and we've replaced nearly our entire set list with all new material. How are you guys faring?
  5. Very Informative Craig! One thing I wanted to add is that the DIgitech GSP line has a setting in the unit that shapes the signal based on the type of amp, such as SS stack, Tube Combo, Tube Stack, etc.. that can make all the difference in the world- as these units do not come out of the box preset to work with tube amps. The usually come with the cabinet simulators turned on, and the shaping set to direct (PA), and when plugged through a guitar amp, as you know, sounds like garbage! I didn't realize the part about the input levels, but have had that digital distortion (I called it digital
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