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Does a Ibanez acoustic guitar sell in the USA


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Im from The Netherlands and need to sell my Ibanez GA 15 S.
Today I had the experience that the chairs I couldnt sell casual in the right hands made real good money.

Now I cant seem to find a buyer for my 25 years old guitar (wich costed a lot new!).

Is there anybody who can give me some advice? I cant ever play again due to the cancers treatmensts I had.


Serious advice, please,


With kind regards,

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On 10/23/2020 at 10:59 PM, Gibson29 said:

https://reverb.com , eBay.com the usual, but if you don’t want to go international or shipping, you could take it to a music store and let them.  They’ll charge usually 30% of the final price, but as with anything, negotiating helps.  Good hunting!

30%, eh? Phew - that's a lot. Music stores here usually charge 10 - 12% of the selling price.

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Yvonne, welkom bij Harmony Central. Very sorry to hear the cancer treatments have curtailed your ability to play guitar.

As noted there is Reverb.com and eBay in the US for selling instruments [most musicians find Reverb more to their liking]. Shipping, especially internationally, is an expensive add-on, so unless your model is rare or in high demand, I suggest you list it locally.

Have you looked at Marktplaats.nl? eBay bought them a while back; it might be your best chance.

IIRC the Ibanez GA15 is a student classical model, but I am not familiar with the 'S' version.

Looking at Reverb these models sell pretty cheaply, most under US$200 [€170]...sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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