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Word is out about Dragonfire pickups .... Prices doubled ...

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I started buying their pickups , because one of my guitar students wanted to replace a single coil , for Dragonfire Duo Rail and generic humbucker for  a Dragonfire Screamers pickup.

I was amazed with the sound quality and floored more when I found out how much they cost.

Back in 2009, the Duo Rail cost only $ 14.95 ( today  $ 46.00 ) and the Screamer only $ 17.95 ( today. $ 31.00 ). I guess the word is out. These pickup are just as good as Dimarzio, Bare Knuckle or Seymour Duncan .

Last year, I ordered over by phone and by chance the phone was answered by the owner, Ken. He gave me a great deal , he sold me a Duo Rail  for $ 17.00 and a Vintage Screamer for only $ 24.00.

I guess good things don't last for long .


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6 hours ago, 1001gear said:

They don't sound bad. Then too the sounds are all distorted. Are they "eq" wound for metal?

The Screamer bridge  pickups are great for Metal , with a ceramic magnet and mine was rated at 17.01k ohms ( the site says, 16.9k ohms ) on my meter. Sounds like a cross between a Seymour Duncan JB and a Bill Lawrence XL500.


The Duo Rail is a stacked Humbucker , the site says they are wound to 12.02k ohms, I ordered four and my meter read that they are between 11.28k to 12.41k ohms. They tend to sound like a cross between a Dimarzio Chopper, Bill Lawrence L250 with a PAF upper mid spike. I put these in the neck position of my 80's style Super Strats.

Any Humbucker rated above 11.00k ohms is going towards a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal tone zone. Anything below, is aiming for a more beefed up Classic 1970's Hard Rock sound .....depending on the gain of the amp or the Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz pedals going into the amp.

By the way dude ....Love your sig !!!!

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