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Kyuss "Welcome To Sky Valley" tone


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Hey guys I have been listening to kyuss for a long time but just recently really started listening to WTSV and it is amazing. What all did josh use on this album? particularly on the songs whitewater and gardenia? Was it just neck pickup, 15 inch speakers, and an ampeg V4? I really wanna get a sound that is close to this. Does the ovation have a unique sound to it or can i get it with my les paul on the neck pickup? I also always hear people talking about him using a boss sd-1. Enlighten me please. :p

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he wasnt using Ampegs i the kyuss days as far as i know, he used a tubeworks head and some bass amps. An LP can be made to sound like an Ovation with a swap of the PU's. They are Dimarzio Super II's.



at around 3:40 he starts messing with his board. you can see a wah, tuner, and his DD-3






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Make: Ovation

Model: GP1-S (model no. 1431e)

Year: 1984 only

Type: solidbody electric

Construction: set neck, blended heel

Body: mahogany with flame maple veneer top (catalog specifies "hardwood")

Neck: mahogany

Fretboard: rosewood w/pearloid notched block inlays

Binding: neck, body (top only)

Frets: 22

Scale: 24.75"

Width at nut: 1.69"

Pickups: 2 DiMarzio DP-104 Super-2 humbuckers

Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way switch

Hardware: chrome

Tuners: Schaller or Grover

Bridge: Schaller wraparound stop-tail

Manufactured: Korea (Samick)

Assembled: USA

Colors: black, honey sunburst, cherry sunburst, wine red

Number produced: 250 to 800 (400 estimated; sources vary)

Original list price: $399

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Oh I completely agree even though I copied the {censored} out of dead meadow's gear. I will probably just replace the neck pickup in my les paul special with a super II. also just a random question, but what kind of cab is josh using here? It looks like it is missing a grill cloth and has two different types of speakers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUgjpLTREDY

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The regular spaced or "F" spaced ones?


Gibsons usually require standard spacing, 50mm at the bridge. Fenders and Floyd Rose equipped take F-spacing, 53mm at bridge and 43mm (I think?) at the nut would call for F-spaced neck pickup also.


Measure your strings E to E at both positions to be sure.

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