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Build thread - koa tricone

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  • Build thread - koa tricone

    I haven't done a build thread for quite a while and recently finished a wood bodied tricone I took a few pictures at some of the important points, but this won

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    First, the disclaimer. I am a very amateur builder


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      While I have carved my own necks on a couple of my other builds, frankly it is a giant PITA and I was never totally satisfied. A quick call to Chris at Hanalei Moon and I had ordered a 5 piece neck with a lovely maple backstripe, Martin style volute and the modified vee that I happen to like. I love the artistry of faceting a neck with a spoke shave, but frankly, here is where a CNC mill shines.

      I already had a nice 25.4 fretboard (again, mitering the fret slots is something I would prefer to have LMI do for me


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        Another big problem for the home builder is the finish


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          Hello, I am KuJoZilla, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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            Koa and maple binding , thanks for showing the birth of a tri-cone . Great pics also.


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              very nice... par for the FK course... of course... 8^)

              as a side note... my dad has been wanting a tri-cone for sometime... well the local shop he does all the repairs and setups for got one in- a regal metal body... they gave him a good deal so he bought it... and now had decided that it is just not for him... the main issue is the 12 fret to the body neck. so he is planning on selling it now... i am just wondering how long i should wait before i attempt to borrow it... i'll just covet from afar for now 8^)
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                I use the cool StewMac stepped router bits in my laminate trimmer (probably the most important power tool for a home builder) ...

                Great thread, FK. Never heard of this tool before. Looks like it's smaller than a router and bigger than a Dremel.

                The other day I made a dog-dish holder for my dog out of Ipe. Used a Dremel to cut the recesses where the bowl would sit. The bit kept catching. My lines look worse than a kid's crayon drawing.

                I don't understand how you guys make these clean channels for the binding and inlays. If I ever try to build a guitar, I think I'll leave those parts out.
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                  GOOD DEALS WITH:
                  Schismed,Satchmo,alexmack,goodhonk,slappymcfinkles ,


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                    Maybe you and Rick O'Shea can get together and open up a nice little shop. oke:


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                      This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen

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                        nice job FK .... that neck is beautiful with the maple and the Koa - magnificent. Plus - you just have to love that maple binding.

                        I dont think I'd ever want to tackle a dovetail neck joint
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                          pics are blocked for me at work, but I can't wait to see it when I get home.

                          NRP did a wooden tricone prototype which is considerably more elaborate and blingy than the new NRP M1 wooden Tricone. I'll dig up a pic if I can.
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                            Very nice. Beautiful. How does it play and sound ?


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                              I've always greatly admidred your work, Freeman.
                              Your wood in this one is drop dead beautiful, & the figured maple stripe in the neck...makes me drool.
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