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  1. Hey, looks like I got my own thread going on here. So, the post above is only partially true. Some, but not all .ptb files play nicely on the iPad. I have no earthly explanation for this. The good news is I found a free converter, gtp2tef (guitar pro to .tef) and that works great. OK, now I can throw the confetti.
  2. It turns out that tabledit (which will NOT open a .ptb file in Windows) works great for opening .ptb files on my iPad. I never even bothered trying it until the other day because I knew they weren't compatible on PCs.
  3. Yeah, there's a number of zombie threads floating to the top recently. (and a few zombie members.. ahem...) Comparing a Rainsong jumbo to an Emerald X10 is apples and orangutans. The X10 is smaller than an OM. A jumbo is larger than an OM; almost a dread but with a tighter waste. Some Emeralds have truss rods; actually dual action truss rods. Special Order wait time on Emeralds is 3-4 months.
  4. Hey, this looks promising. Thanks, Idunno! I'll report back after I give it a try.
  5. I agree he's 'a fabulous musician. I've seen him live and I tried to get tix when he did that Bach Sonata tour, but it was sold out. I do not find him to be the least bit funny. To the point that I won't listen to that NPR radio program.
  6. Yes. I mean- nothing. I mean- there's no evidence of PowerTab 2.x available for download or alternative apps that can negotiate .ptb files.
  7. PowerTab 1.7 evidently won't do it. There was supposed to be a PowerTab 2.0 that was cross platform, but I can't find it anywhere.
  8. Right, Mikeo. I like just a touch of meat and the nail. I've found that this is the key. Once the nails get too long and there's no contact with my fingertip on the string, time for a trim. And with acrylics you either need a really good heavy emery board or I often use my dremel tool.
  9. I sometimes use a thumb pick (D'Addario faux tortois shell) but I was never able to adapt to fingerpicks, so I've been wearing acrylics on 3 fingers of my picking hand for many years now. My natural nails would just get worn down to the nubs. About ever 3 weeks I go back in for a fill or replacement.
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