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  1. Hey, looks like I got my own thread going on here. So, the post above is only partially true. Some, but not all .ptb files play nicely on the iPad. I have no earthly explanation for this. The good news is I found a free converter, gtp2tef (guitar pro to .tef) and that works great. OK, now I can throw the confetti.
  2. It turns out that tabledit (which will NOT open a .ptb file in Windows) works great for opening .ptb files on my iPad. I never even bothered trying it until the other day because I knew they weren't compatible on PCs.
  3. Yeah, there's a number of zombie threads floating to the top recently. (and a few zombie members.. ahem...) Comparing a Rainsong jumbo to an Emerald X10 is apples and orangutans. The X10 is smaller than an OM. A jumbo is larger than an OM; almost a dread but with a tighter waste. Some Emeralds have truss rods; actually dual action truss rods. Special Order wait time on Emeralds is 3-4 months.
  4. Hey, this looks promising. Thanks, Idunno! I'll report back after I give it a try.
  5. I agree he's 'a fabulous musician. I've seen him live and I tried to get tix when he did that Bach Sonata tour, but it was sold out. I do not find him to be the least bit funny. To the point that I won't listen to that NPR radio program.
  6. Yes. I mean- nothing. I mean- there's no evidence of PowerTab 2.x available for download or alternative apps that can negotiate .ptb files.
  7. PowerTab 1.7 evidently won't do it. There was supposed to be a PowerTab 2.0 that was cross platform, but I can't find it anywhere.
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