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  1. HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL!!! ... may it bring you peace, love and happiness, and a NGD of course
  2. far too civilised Howard ... far too civilised, dangerously so sometimes Seorie - the body is based on a Gibby J200 size GC - 0.016 - 0.07 D'Addario EXP23 Baritone strings, "tinny" isn't a word I'd use to describe this or any baritone acoustic, you'll get a better idea once we do a proper recording of Alan's music using a proper microphone, not a mobile
  3. so yes, we had had a "bit of wine" (it's positively rude not to in France don't you know) but here's a bit of video of my baritone build (the guitar is named Mullindarragh in case anyone is wondering wtf that means) that was the subject of my last thread. I dunno how Alan even managed to play, I could barely hold my mobile to video him I'm especially keen on his "alcohol chord" at the end
  4. I'm insanely jealous and more than a little concerned. Firstly I think it is important that you at least leave some stock at LMI/Zootman/AHix etc for those of us that don't have time to build guitars every day. Secondly I think we're going to notice a subtle rise in global warming caused by forest degradation as supply tries to keep up with demand due to the number of guitars you'll be building. Worrying. I've gone the opposite way and had to increase my hours staring into gubs due to expensive children Many congrats FK ... enjoy all the free time
  5. Originally Posted by Freeman Keller meet half way? sounds good .. actually, lets make it closer to your side, and a bit south easterly, Martinique?
  6. Originally Posted by Freeman Keller Neil, the offer to use my StewMac routing guide still stands. I'm not worried about shipping it cross country and you can't hurt the guide at all - you could break a dremel bit but I do that fairly frequently. Your dremel and bits, my jig. I've always thought that for those of us building a guitar or two every now and then that sharing tools makes a lot of sense - you buy a 4 oz bottle of some sort of stain but only need a couple of drops or a jig or something like that. Anyway, I won't need it for at least a couple of mont
  7. Originally Posted by Greymuzzle Y'know what Knock is like. Has to have the latest. He has worn the leopard skin print posing pouch to the Club so often that it's old hat, and retro is just soooooo in at the moment. A case of The Thong is Gone, But the Malady Lingers On. haha!!
  8. hell yes, I know the "budget" feeling. I've spent a daft amount on guitar building stuff with the foolish notion that I'll earn it back I have managed to save a bit by building my own jigs - that's also helped me get more proficient with using the tools I have. I thought the routers may be tax deductable as drill substitutes for cutting cavities in teeth but strangely my patients thought this may not be a great plan. Actually - I sold an Omega watch and a couple of guitars to finance a lot of my tools. I therefore craftily avoided possible divorce proceedings I practise cuts on
  9. ack {censored}e .... another Christmas present missed
  10. I don't think I'd risk that bridge Neil - it'd be a bad thing getting her strung up only to find the damned thing explodes under tension. I also think the slots are a tad too close to the saddle and all the same size rather than reducing in width as you go from low to high E. Its nice to get a nice snug fit for the strings as they come through the slots. Makes you feel warm all over don't you know. I dunno if the Dremel would have quite enough power to route a nice clean saddle slot, at least not in one pass. I have the Dremel, a Bosch GKF600 and a Bosch POF1200AE. The big Bosch is the
  11. like a lot of us I was having a hard time thinking of something I really need or want. I thought of this : but then I have a wee bandsaw that does the job and .. .this thing is massive and my shop isn't then maybe this : but StewMac have discontinued it ... or this : but I decided to change my mobile to this : so there's little point in having a tablet. At this stage I was starting to consider buying socks when I finally settled on this : probably ...........
  12. thanks jags, the owner has reliably informed me he's going to be doing a video of it so as soon as he does I'll post it
  13. haha Grey - be afraid, be very afraid Thanks Terry, and GC ... its an image manipulated in Photoshop overlaid onto a photo Knock sent me, its not actually on the guitar
  14. Holy cow, that is some serious talent, I am hugely impressed! Thanks Karen , I've still a long way to go though
  15. Speaking of Muddlers... this is my Muddler variant... the Pearl Muddler... The body is tied with red wool under and pearl mylar tubing over. The head is Texas mule deer. The wing is white marabou. This pattern has caught quite a few big bass and trout. beautiful!! I tend to rely on my own creations as well which are loosely based on a standard pattern. I love some of the old Irish lough flies tied by the likes of Kingsmill Moore - very loose tyings, cock body hackles with a hen head hackle which moves in the water against the cock feather. With the seals fur well picked out it gives
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