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  1. I'm with Garthy, Crafters are damned hard to beat
  2. there are certain vampires that I definitely wouldn't kill and would be more than happy to get punctured by ..... : Kate (Beckinsdale) is almost, almost up to Katie (Melua's) standard
  3. rickoshea


    I would leave the stock nut alone. The nut has very little to do with the tone of the guitar. It's not worth the hassle or expense to change it. +1 to this ... plus - if you're not experienced in setting up a guitar take it to a luthier and let him/her pop a new saddle in (and nut if you really want one) and then set up your guitar properly. If you're keen on giving it a bash my favourite instructional site for setups is : http://thbecker.net/guitar_playing/guitars_and_setup/setup_page_03.html I made a previous post about a source in Taiwan of bone saddles via e-bay. It's not a bad way to do it as you order in amounts of 8 (see my post history for that one) so if you make a balls up of one, you have 7 more chances
  4. aye - Lowdens are amazing, he's a bit of a genius is George. I'm amazed you can't buy Yamahas in Ireland . May be worth a trip to the North, I'm pretty damned sure Matchetts in Belfast stocks them (mind you last time I was in was last year).
  5. superb ... great find to keep the 6-er company as you said. Methinks you'll be stringing sooner rather than later :poke: enjoy her
  6. as new condition 2008 D-35 with CFM HSC, upgraded bone saddle and bridge pins. Never gigged/played out and perfectly looked after. Kept in a humidity controlled environment and beautifully maintained. She's completely unmarked. I reckon
  7. A lot of Westerners have lived sheltered lives. As a result, they're clueless. One aspect of this that has gone utterly un-noticed, is that this is a family business. The workers you see are mostly family members and friends of the families. There are apprentices whose families sent them to learn how to become luthiers. Do they look unhappy? Do they look mistreated or stressed? They eat together, they sleep in the same grounds. Their earnings aren't static. They go up and down depending on sales. The family rises and falls together. I couldn't agree more with this. If the workers and family are happy and content then I think a lot of people who live and work in more "developed" nations may just be a touch jealous .....
  8. GREAT post! .... what beautiful workmanship on those guitars too. Some of the woods are gorgeous - and truly - hand made. fantastique Marcellis
  9. rickoshea


    Hello, Tommy, Welcome to our little zoo, and congrats on your new guitar!! You will get excellent advice here. First of all, listen to everything Gary Palmer, Guitar Stringer, Freeman Keller, and Bjorn Fjiord tell you. They are our resident luthiers and will give you expert advice. Opa John's advice is right on, too. There is a lot to be learned at Frets.com - great site. Glad to assist whenever we can, so don't be shy about asking questions. welcome and congrats indeed ... once you have the strings off you can clean the fretboard with 0000 (thats four zeros!) grade steel wool, it brings it and the frets up nicely
  10. Ok..as stated in a previous post I did try out a Tanglewood the other day. Well I thought I had tried the TW15 NS but I had actually tried a TW115 AS (unless they switched them on me). You see I went back today to try it again and this time I looked inside and sure enough it's the TW115 AS with all solid wood contstruction and...I think I want this guitar bad... I tried playing a few of my favorite fingerstyle tunes on it and it sounded awesome. Beautiful tone..deep bass and well pronounced mids and nice thick high end. I don't think it had mediums on it but...I could just imagine the tone if it did... It's light in weight and plays like butter...the only way I can describe it is like having Gibson style jumbo frets on a Martin style dread acoustic. The action for my style of playing was almost perfect..maybe a tad too low but pretty darn good. Frets looked pretty even too when I sighted down the neck. No string buzz or fretting out anywhere and very good intonation. I managed to get some good volume out of it too while flatpicking and digging in more while finger picking. I might be putting it on lay-away tomorrow... you've been well and truly hooked and will not have a happy life until you have this guitar Seriously though - congrats on finding one that ticks all the boxes for you, we hear nothing but good things about Tanglewoods. The goat pics are ready ..............
  11. that it is ... i had a hellish agony of choice in which of my guitars to sell, but I've had to make some choice
  12. beautiful Epiphone custom Les Paul. I bought this a few months ago as a Guitar Center special order so it was never even on the shelf in the store. The guitar is a genuine first quality Les Paul - not a second or damaged stock. I have maybe played it three times, all in my house and never gigged. I'm selling as I simply have too many guitars and am upgrading my acoustics. It's been professionally set up and is in completely as new condition - there is not a mark on this guitar anywhere. Any questions just pm me I reckon $430 plus $20 shipping is reasonable
  13. and again .... I'll take $600 shipped
  14. bumping cause I'm open to offers - I don't wanna let this Martin get away!
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