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Ibanez Classic Elite Humbuckers

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  • Ibanez Classic Elite Humbuckers

    Ibanez describes these as ceramic magnet passive pickups with rich ,nuanced tone with fat low end. I haven't found any reviews on them but I can say for sure that they work pretty well with my amp, I have a set D'Addario balanced tension 11's on the AF75,which I chose for the heavier G and B .strings. The neck tone is very close to the vintage jazz box I sold and the bridge brightens it up nicely so I give Ibanez a big thumbs up on the Classic Elites

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    Hi Guitar Masters
    Please identify my roadstar 2..what specific model and year has been sanded down to bare wood and humbuckers replaced with SD JB..Thanks


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      Hey Fred, welcome to the forum. there should be a model number decal, in gold, somewhere near the tip of the back of the head stock under the High E tuner. It's gold, the neck is maple, so it will be impossible to see right off the bat.
      if it's not there, which is possible, what's the first 3 digits of the serial number. THAT should be on the neck plate. ie: B84XXXXX. that will tell me what year, and I can hunt thru the Ibanez catalogs to find the proper model. Off hand, looks to be an RS RG135

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    Cool. I have an AF95 I love, but didn't love the pickups, so got a pair of StewMac golden age HB's and really made a difference, in a good way. Nothing quite like a good full hollow body
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      What works with one amp may not be so great with another. They used ACH pickups for awhile ,not sure when they changed or how much difference there even is?