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Recto - Can it be made tight and not fizzy?

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    I think you guys are just weird. oke:


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      haaaaaaaaaaaa no way. Sell it and get something else

      Gtfo, ****************head
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        Just buy the Engl Savage...

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          They playz teh rawk; not so much need for tight crunchy palm mutes and ****************.

          OP didn't specify oke:

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            Could it be your guitar and speakers and settings not giving you the clarity you want? I dont have my recto anymore, but always thought it delivered in the clarity department.

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            I was meditating on the finer things of life and then I realized that PrimeHoly is the god of this forum. For real. no troll.

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            Just think: There must be thread ideas that pop in Charveldan's head, but which, after some thought, he rejects and decides not to post. Imagine how bizarre those ideas must be, if they don't even meet Charveldan's standards.


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              This has been a great thread. I've got my Single Recto out again and am experimenting with it.

              For tightening them up, do you guys prefer using a Clean Boost (like my OD-9), or an EQ pedal to just cut the lowest frequencies, or does 1 way have an advantage over the other?

              I'm definitely like the results I'm getting with both setups, I obviously just have to run the amp's gain at around 10:30 when Boosting instead of 10 when I use an EQ pedal.

              When using the Boost pedal or an EQ pedal, now I can run the amp's Bass up around 120 now too (since I'm cutting the lowest lows out), which should give me a good, thick, low mid emphasis. Whereas before, I only ran the Bass around 100.

              Rectifiers should all come with a maxon overdrive pedal, it's an absolute need for that amp (for tight metal) IMO for SURE. an EQ is a great thing to have also. Once I get my roadster I'm going to be broke so hopefully I can get some cash for noise suppressor and overdrive (have to sell my ISP decimator to fund for the roadster... but it doesn't need one without an overdrive)