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    Yes, even though Seymour Duncan's website says the PSPlus pickup is not available for 'retail', I ordered a new one off Ebay.. They describe the difference with the original here from their website..

    Q.What's the difference between your Pearly Gates pickup and the Pearly Gates Plus on a Lone Star Strat®?
    The Pearly Gates is rather different than the "Pearly Gates Plus" that is on the Lone Star StratTM. The Pearly Gates Plus is only available on that guitar and not made for retail sales. The main difference in these pickups is that a Pearly Gates has Alnico II magnets, while the Pearly Gates Plus has Alnico V magnets. Alnico V magnets tend to give a brighter, glassier tone, while Alnico II magnets tend to have a warmer, rounder, more mid-rangier tone. The closest pickup available in our regular line to a Pearly Gates Plus is a '59 Model with 4-conductor cable. The '59 is an Alnico V pickup with a wind very close to that of the Pearly Gates Plus. The '59 usually comes in single conductor cable, but it can be ordered with the 4-Conductor wiring option.

    What are the specs on the Pearly Gates Plus?
    We do not list the specifications of the Pearly Gates Plus in our Tone Chart because this pickup is not sold retail and can only be found in the Lone Star Strat®. For comparison purposes, here are the specs:
    Hum canceling: Yes
    DC Resistance: 8.65k
    Magnets: Alnico 5 bar
    Resonant Peak: 6.62khz
    4-conductor wiring


    I guess the name sold me. There is no recorded comparison on Seymour's site to compare as all the other pickups have because they don't sell it retail.. The fact is you can't have everything in one guitar. .. but if I have only one choice (as I do presently), the HSS is the most versatile and I love the setup.. It is amazing how really different and unique each guitars pickups can bring to the table of sound! Thanks for your mp3. Great sound!

    "This preset would sound good with some single-note riffs, too, or a mix of chordal playing and single-note passages"

    Good observation. That's really what I was looking for because I play in a small band at church with just one other guitarist, and don't really have a good enough rhythm foundation to be 'solo-only'. Now, hopefully, I won't lose any tone running it through the P.A. system. Yet ANOTHER variable in tone nuances.. I'll find out tomorrow.

    P.S. Hey Jon, I just listened again to your 'boogie' cut and wanted to clarify how you used the AMP/MIXER switch on your recording. Mine was set to mixer. (I'm secretly hoping your's was set to amp, so I won't be as jealous about the sound difference .


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      Originally posted by Jon Chappell
      I've been wondering that myself. My own experience, before coming to the Harmony Central Forums, is that guitarists into stompboxes and floor-based multi-effects processors don't really work with or know all that much about editor/librarians. (But HC forumites have a higher gear-literacy rate compared to most other fourm frequenters, which has got me thinking.)

      Under many circumstances, it's okay not to use an editor to create sounds, as knob-tweaking guitarists can get around a front panel pretty dang quickly, and nothing is lost except some efficiency. Why convert a knob-twiddler to a computer user, all things being equal? It reminds me of the pointless battles I have with my wife about using keystrokes instead of the mouse. (She uses a mouse for everything -- to Save, Print, even for the highlighted OK in a dialog box. Don't get me started. ) I don't bother to fight it anymore, because if it gets the job done, why argue? Different strokes, and all that.

      But that's not the case with the RP250 and X-Edit 2.0.

      If you don't use X-Edit, you're missing out on editable parameters, hidden features, and the true sound-shaping powers that the unit holds in its brain. That's just plain stoopid. I think DigiTech should supply an RP250 workstation outfitted with a PC and X-Edit 2.0 to every Guitar Center in the country!

      So what about it, fellow fretmeisters? Do you use an editor/librarian for your effects? Do real guitarists have to resort to computers to get their sound? Do you think it's right for DigiTech and others to make some features of their effects accessible only through a computer? Do you think computers steal your soul?

      Let me hear about it.

      I won't consider a multifx unit if it doesn't have a decent editor/librarian......which brings up the question........both my zoom g7 and my old Johnson j station's editors interfaced thru a midi cable. Th Zoom uses a usb port for recording.....X-Edit must interface thru the USB connection, can you also record while using the editor?
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      Originally Posted by Puckman

      Not all music has to be upbeat...Last I checked, half of Zeppelin's repertoire was boring-ass slow acoustic tunes.


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        JEFF2EARTH originally posted:
        P.S. Hey Jon, I just listened again to your 'boogie' cut and wanted to clarify how you used the AMP/MIXER switch on your recording. Mine was set to mixer. (I'm secretly hoping your's was set to amp, so I won't be as jealous about the sound difference.

        I did check the back of the unit, and the Mixer setting is selected -- scout's honor!

        But don't be jealous; I just bought the pickups. You wrote the preset.
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          wander2koriginally posted:
          Th Zoom uses a usb port for recording.....X-Edit must interface thru the USB connection, can you also record while using the editor?

          Yes, you can record while using X-Edit, but X-Edit is a stand-alone application, not a VST plug-in. I just keep both my multi-track recorder (lately Cubase 4) and X-Edit open at the same time and switch back and forth.

          USB is a great improvement over MIDI for those wanting to use an editor in an audio-only environment.

          USB uses one cable (it's bi-directional, unlike MIDI, which requires two cables for in and out signals), the cables are cheap and readily available (they sell them at my local pharmacy), and every computer comes with USB ports. (With MIDI, you have to connect a peripheral.)

          Heck, if you're really cheap, you don't even need a dedicated USB cable; you can cannibalize one from your printer while you record.
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            I am hoping for the RP350 around Christmas. The clean tones sold me. Hope it work well with my amp which is Roland bluescube30 2x10 combo where the "clean" channel is not pristine clean like a JC120, more like a blonde fender or marshall jtm45 clean, always some warmth and grit.
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              Hey, thanks for all the info, everyone. I own several Digitech stompboxes, and in general I think they're great (the Bad Monkey especially).

              I like the aesthetic redesign on this series, I think they now look more "pro" and less like toys. But, in listening to the clips posted in this thread, I think the thing sounds GREAT. As already mentioned, yes, many of the presets seem overdone, but the base tone is there. I was really impressed by the warmth on the cleaner settings.

              How is the sweep on the pedal and how does the wah sound? Is it comfortable enough to use to ditch, say, my Crybaby?

              These are some intriguing units, for sure. I'll have to make a point of checking them out. So many players go into instant snob mode when they hear the term "modeller', however I really feel we're getting to the point where the capabilities of these boxes are so good that few can legitimately tell the difference. That fat strat clip posted above sounds killer, what's not to like?
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                To Jake West:
                The Mac version of X-Edit 2.0 isn't out yet, but an editor/librarian is fairly high-level stuff, as far CPU ops go, and should run fine on either an Intel or PPC Mac. I'll let you know what the boys from DigiTech say as soon as I hear, though.

                To santos:
                I'd just like to point out that the Cry Baby -- or any dedicated wah unit -- isn't just about treadle travel, response, and sweep. There's the tone generating circuitry to think of, too!

                Easiest thing would be to take your CB and a jumper cable down to the local music emporium (check in with the guy guarding the door and tell him your plans) and run the two side by side.

                In fact, I'm ordering you to do it and to report back to the breathless masses of forumites pondering the same question!

                Seriously, I think people would be curious. And at least I'm not asking you to take down your Marshall stack and compare it to the 250's modeling version of it.
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                  A question came up on whether the RP250 would record with Pro Tools.

                  Turns out you can't record with Pro Tools using the USB connection to your computer. (Of course, if you have Pro Tools, it means you're also using one of their hardware devices, so just go through the audio connections.)

                  This of course, is the choice of Pro Tools not to work with hardware other than their own, rather than a shortcoming of the RP250.

                  For those of you working with a Mac, the RP250 does work with the Mac Core Audio technology, which means you can record with GarageBand, BIAS Peak/Deck, MOTU's Digital Performer, Cubase, and Apple's Logic or Logic Express.
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                    John, Thanks so much for a great review. I have been using a RP-200 since 2000, and really like it. The 250 is on my xmas list
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                      I have used my RP 200 for 3 years now. I have enjoyed some
                      of the sounds that I could produce--others, not so much.
                      The main problem i've had with this system is the power supply.
                      I have yet to have one last for over4-6 months without burning out. And this was just from moderate home usage---no gigs, and no abuse at all----it never left my house.
                      I am not the first person to complain about this problem---read the HC reviews on the RP 200. It is a major flaw---no power, no play. I have had to wait for weeks for new power supplies, and
                      Digitech is the only one who sells the one that will work.
                      AND they are not cheap. I felt that i got a good deal when I bought this unit, but I have now spent more on replacement power supplies than I have on the RP 200.
                      The only reason I mention this is because I am hoping that Digitech has resolved this issue with their new products. I
                      enjoyed using the unit when I could.
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                        My wife just got this pedal, and we're trying to use the built-in drum machine to create a "click track" as she plays, and run it into a 4-track. The idea is to pan the Git hard left, and the drum hard right, then send them to separate tracks, thereby creating one Git track and one drum track, so that I may add a third (drum) track while playing back the drum machine track. Ultimately, we ditch the machine track, once I have used it as a "metronome" to keep the live drum track in time with her git.

                        In short, is there any way to seperate drum machine from guitar from within the unit (pan hard L & hard R)?

                        TIA for any tips.


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                          Hi. If you take one of the new RP150,250,350's out in sunlight will the display washout and be difficult to see? If it does this is a major problem as far as I'm concerned because I do gigs outside sometimes. The other thing that bothers me are the back panel jacks. Since they don't have jack nuts the electrical connections to the internal printed circuit board can be broken easily if someone steps on the plug of a cable plugged into the unit, something falls on it or it is dropped. This can be possibly prevented if they have used some hot glue or RTV compound on the jacks when they manufacture the units but I have repaired a lot of music products over the years and most manufacturers don't implement additional protection like this. Of course jack nuts and RTV cost extra money and would drive the price up but the problems I mentioned do occur in the real world. Thanks.


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                            Hey Jon, do you know if the Digitech folks read the forum on thier web site? I'm refering to the RP250 forum. The reason I'm asking is now that I'v had my 250 for a couple of weeks I thought of a couple of things that would "nice to haves". For instance, being able to have the tuner on one of the memory locations. I'm just a klutz I guess and have found it difficult to hit both of the foot switches at the same time. I'd also like the have the ability to have the expression pedal enable more than one thing at a time, like distortion level and gain or volume pedal and amp gain. Just some thoughts.
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                              How does it sound in distortion palm muted? Is it a nice deep sound or "scratchy"? Would it be a good choice for someone that is looking to try out overdriven to distortion sounds? I don't have a chance to try it out in person due to my location, thanks.


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                                I''m getting very bad latency using the ASIO drivers on the RP250 . To be precise, I am getting 35 ms even on the highest computer use setting in the panel (I am also surprised that the resolution is only 16 bit, 44.1 Khz, but I can live with that).

                                As comparison, I get 3 ms on my VM3100Pro/RPC-1 and never above 5 ms with my other interfaces (GS-10, Toneport, Zoom H4)

                                My computer is:

                                Core 2 Duo E6700 (2.2 Ghz), Asus P5B Deluxe, 2 Gb Corsair memory, WinXP Pro, SATA 10K drives.....

                                My GNX4 latency was also bad (10 ms.), but not THIS bad...:-)
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