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  • IP address number

    Dumb question!! How do I find mine?

    Thanks, Paul
    WADAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again !

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    which one? you computers or your internet?


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      find either, go to run>cmd>ipconfig.


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        Try whatismyipaddress.com it will show your ip address along with where you are located.
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          Lots of good suggestions... any one of them should work. Or, you can just check your PM's.

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            Thanks guys, but no luck so far.

            Actually it'd be good to know the computer and the internet numbers. Never knew there were 2.

            I tried opening ipconfig(actuallt searched out the folder and directclicked), but it just flashed open then disappeared. Same from the 'run' line.

            I also tried whatismyipaddress.com, but came up empty. My proxy server reported "IP unknown".

            At this point, I need beer ! GOD, I hate f**king computers.

            Thanks again, Paul
            WADAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again !


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              Phil, you saved my day . Got it.

              Thanks, Paul
              WADAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again !


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                It will depend on how you are set up. I fyo have just a single computer connected directly to your ISP, you will have an address provided by your ISP and it'll be the same address that people in the outside world see generally.

                If you have a router in your network and all of your computers connect to it, then you have a local network of your own, so your computer has a local address that is not seen by the outside world. Your router has a single address that is gotten from your ISP. It uses 'network address translation', which effectively makes all the computers inside your local network look like a single computer to your ISP (so you only need one public address.)

                Local network addresses are 'non-routable' addresses, meaning that they are not visible outside of the local network. They will be 168.192.x.x or 10.10.x.x generally. These are special blocks of addresses reserved for ths type of purpose.

                If you open a command prompt and run ipconfig, as indicated above, you will get your IP address info, but only your local network info if you are behind a router. Your router is the one with the public address, so use the web interface on the router to see what address has been assigned to your router.
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                  internal non-routable addresses are:
                  10.x.x.x 24bit
                  172.16.x.x 20bit
                  192.168.x.x 16bit

                  you can also open network connections, right click your LAN [or wireless] adapter, select status... then support tab. it will give your IP address for your machine, your gateway address [router], click the details button and it will give you your DNS address.


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                    Oops, I just noticed I said 168.192.x.x above. Dislexia family in the runs.
                    Dean Roddey
                    Chairman/CTO, Charmed Quark Systems, LTD


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                      Sounds like you've found your IP address....but now that you've located it - what are you planning to do with it? (If you didn't know it before - your system may well have been configured to use DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) to automatically assign it an address - which means that if you introduce other other devices (i.e., other computers, network connected printers, etc.) the address your current machine could change under the right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it...) set of circumstances.

                      Knowing why you needed to know your IP address might get you some good follow-up advice from the forum.
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                        Oops, I just noticed I said 168.192.x.x above. Dislexia family in the runs.

                        you know how many times i accidentally type that when setting up devices on networks [usually any devices default is on the 192.168.x.x ip]? im always llike DOH!


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                          Hi all, and thanks for the interest and help. Here's the deal. I know nothing about IPs, but am thinking about signing up for, and occasionally using a proxy other than AOL; one that uses encryption http://regmagic.com/ . I was looking at the signup protocol, and apparently they need my current IP number and proxy.

                          I don't have a LAN setup as such, just a switcher(no router) that connects 3 computers via Ether. Only one can connect to the modem at a time. No periferal sharing(printers, etc.). Phil gave me what I assume is the IP number that the world sees. Beyond getting the new service working, I really don't need to know the IP address, but it would be nice to know. I'm learning.

                          I finally found the info under Netwoork Connections. That showed 3 different numbers, none of which is the same as Phil's. In all fairness, I may have been on a different computer when he checked. I'm guessing the 1st number is the one I need. The 3 numbers are:

                          Address Type: assigned by DHCP
                          1) IP #
                          2) Subnet Mask #
                          3) Default Gateway #

                          Now I understand that glassy-eyed appearance when I tried to explain baseball to my wife. Reminds me of that horrible first week in highschool algebra.

                          Thanks again for putting up with me.

                          Best, Paul
                          WADAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again !


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                            I just made some changes to my Internet provider and one of the things I now have is a "Static IP Address." Apparantly I'm supposed to be able to access my computer from any other computer, although I've never tried and don't have a clue about how to do it. Anybody have a handle on that ???

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                              usually you are given two DNS by your ISP. that is probably what you are seeing with the 3rd being your machine. having only a switch, you REALLY need to assign static IPs to those machines since you have no DHCP server giving out IP's locally, however a router will afford you greater security out to the internet, you can still use the switch but then all 3 machines will have simultanious access.