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  1. I'm a SONAR user too but the way I see it is that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or is it If it ain't broke, keep on fixing it till it is broken?...Mike "If it ain't broke, you're not trying". Red Green > the Red Green Show > 1997 Best, Paul
  2. Hey G, Thanks for the help. I got a working Accutronics number from a guy at a dedicated V4 forum http://ampegv4.com (can you believe it ?). That number sounds right, as the impedance numbers sound like what Accutronics guessed based on the circuit I sent them a while back. The tank won't actually be going into a V4. I'm stick-building an amp using various circuits from other designs, and using the reverb circuit from the V4. I used to own a V4, and loved the reverb. Preamp, inverter/driver, output and power supply will be from an ancient Magnatone M5, and the tremolo from an even older Fender Tremolux GG9-A. Trying to get the best designs into one amp. Again, thanks for helping me out. Much appreciated. Best, Paul
  3. Thanks for the info, G. The number looks good with one exception. It translates to an 8 ohm input impedance, which is OK for a transformer driven unit(Fender, Magnatone), but not a capacitor coupled unit like the V4. I'll run your number by Fliptop, but they only list one generic tank for all Ampegs. Hopefully it'll be an Accutronics model number. I'll probably have to custom order it from Accutronics anyway. BTW, the guys at Accutronics didn't have a clue about specing a V4(LOL). Thanks again . Best, Paul
  4. Hi all, I have to replace a missing tank in a 70's V4 head. It's the locking type(not important), but I'm having no luck finding the input and output impedances so I can order one. Most schematics don't show that info. If anyone knows offhand, that would be great. If anyone could take the time to actually meter read a V4 tank, that would be super-super great, and the beer would be on me. Thanks in advance. Best, Paul
  5. Over the next few months, I'm gonna be duplicating a slimmed-down version of an old Magnatone MP5 amp, and want to replace the stock tremolo circuit(weak sounding, and too many oddball parts). I always thought that Fender had the coolest trems, and would appreciate input thoughts as to the best sounding Fender amp model to borrow a circuit from. 'All tube' Fenders only.. new or vintage. Thanks in advance. Paul
  6. I still have/use an original Pod Pro. For live, I run it directly into a Crown D150, then into an old 2x12 cabinet. Never had a complaint about the sounds, and it covers any sound that I'll ever need. Two points. You really need the footswitch board for live apps. Also, the internal reverb is kinda suckie, but a good reverb could easily be inserted after the Pod. The other night we were tracking a Motown type tune, and the bass just didn't sound right. For kicks we inserted the Pod to the recorded track.. using EQ, compression and a little overdrive. Mission accomplished! Surprised the hell out of all of us. Good investment if you can catch a deal. Best, Paul
  7. Originally posted by MrKnobs Although personally, I think the carbon ones sound more "vintage"... LOL. Now THAT'S funny! :D
  8. Originally posted by d0zerz ....I'm just trying to determine if it's worth it for me to upgrade my sound card to cheaper 'professional' gear like the m-audio audiophile 2496 If that's the case, you should be asking about the quality of the AD converters that these things use. IMHO, hooking them up right is something you should study a little bit first. I have a little M-Audio 410 that I've used for a while, and it sounds just fine. They're under $300 now. Upgrading your card will probably make you a very happy camper. As for the 'V vs. u' issue, it makes little difference to me as I know what they mean. I just thought you needed a definition, and the one I posted is part of Rane's definitions. Good luck with your search. Paul
  9. Originally posted by d0zerz I tried googling those terms, but it's not very nice with numbers and units (dbu...) The clinical definition is: 0 dBu Preferred informal abbreviation for the official dB (0.775 V); a voltage reference point equal to 0.775 Vrms. [This reference originally was labeled dBv (lower-case) but was too often confused with dBV (upper-case), so it was changed to dBu (for unterminated).] Or less formally(and incorrectly), could mean 'unbalanced'. Paul
  10. The cheapest way is to back the mic up. Otherwise you might try the next cheapest.. a mic line attenuator. ProCo makes them in 10, 20 and 30dB models. http://www.procosound.com/kwikfixers.htm Phantom shouldn't hurt your mic. If worried, contact Shure 'to be sure'! Paul
  11. Paully

    New Ampeg Site

    is up and running. Good source for Ampeg-specific Q&A if you can't get an answer here. Use http://www.usedampegs.com/ then click on "New Discussion Board". Paul
  12. I used to go over to the Ampeg site http://www.ampeg.com for info on their user forum. Suprise.. it's been dropped. Any clues? Is there another forum out there that deals with Ampeg? Thanks, Paul.
  13. Originally posted by dave esmond http://www.danguitars.com/Parts.html d Thanks Dave, I went to the site, but they tell you nothing about the unit (no clickable link to a product discription). What is it? Is it passive or active? Wiring involved? Looks kind of neat. Have you actually used one, and if so what's the verdict? I'd hate to waste a guitar just to audition it. Curious, Paul
  14. Thanks. I asked now because I noticed that Line 6 had put a sitar model into their variax guitars. If a sitar has been decently modelled, wouldn't a small stomper be a nice idea. I'd buy one. Best, Paul
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