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    Assistant Engineer is now being hired for World-Class recording studio located in the Caribbean. The assistant engineer is an integral part of our studio. Candidate must be a self-starter who is able to work unsupervised and be willing to relocate and adapt to island living. Must have exceptional technical skills including a firm knowledge of Pro Tools, mixing consoles, patching and signal flow. Must maintain a friendly competent demeanor with a great work ethic and attitude. The responsibilities of the assistant engineer on a session go beyond audio. Candidate will be expected to be Apple Mac proficient and have excellent communication skills. They will be expected to send daily reports and be highly effective in studio business best-practices. Impeccable character, honesty and integrity is a must. Minimum 3 years of experience in the audio field. A specific degree is not required, however an education in recording arts or audio production is a big plus. Another big plus would be someone who comes with existing client contacts. Most of all you need to be a quick learner, excellent problem solver, very organized, able to anticipate the needs of the clients and be a tech wizard capable of quickly trouble shooting any malfunction in the studio. This is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow in a world-class studio environment. Please send resumes to:

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    Wait, if I am already a tech wizard, with a client list and 3 years experience with a firm knowledge of Protools, what do I need you for?
    Before I waste people's time, what kind of pay are we talking here?
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      This studio isn't located on Montserrat by any chance, is it? I don't work well around liquid hot magma...

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        'liquid' and 'hot' are a tad redundant when discussing magma...I'm jus'sayin'...

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        I'm curious; where is this studio and who's building it?