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Trace Elliott Commando 12 issues

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  • Trace Elliott Commando 12 issues

    Have any of you guys ever ran across a Trace Elliott Commando with a buzz/hum you can't track down?

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    I can't help you. I've never played through a Trace.
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      No. You might consider taking it to a good amp tech, if you have one available locally. It may not be worth the money though.
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        My buddy had a small combo trace that had a folded horn cab. That sucker was loud as hell for its size and super clean sounding.

        Because yours is a bass combo, and because bass can rattle the fillings out of teeth in a small enclosed combo, the first thing as a tech I'd look for is cracked solder joints and loose connectors. I'd start with the input jack. They are plastic PC mount jacks which can wind up having cracked solder joints either by yanking on the cord or just the vibrations from the speaker. Its likely a ground connection to the jack so I'd pull the board out and go around wiggling components and see if the traces move, then re-solder anything that looks suspicious.


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          This happens with multiple instruments, in multiple locations using multiple cords?
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