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  1. FWIW, I have a friend that is very particular about his sound and has used primarily Tube Marshals through the years. He was giving serious consideration to the high end Helix. That surprised me. You might pick one or 2 of your favorite amp/cab combos and have the modeler simulate them. Hook it up to a nice full range monitor and play around with it. If it gets you where you want to be, or at least close, it may be worth it. I’m not as picky. I tend to play in bars and individual volume is not your friend. The modelers are an acceptable compromise to me. Slight disadvantage from the player aspect, but made up in the convenience, versatility and the overall band mix.
  2. HX stomp is pretty reasonably priced and is a decent modeler. You might just pick one up, play with it and see if it works. If you don’t like the amp sounds it’s a pretty sweet multi fx
  3. I like the idea of a 1-2 generation old Motif. It seems all my good keys playing friends really want weighted keys. I don’t know if they are that much better to play, or just more familiar as they all started as kids on a piano. eta. The MOTIF does not have weighted keys.
  4. my favorite bass cab is down 3db at 33 Hz. (Ampeg PR410hlf) I bought mine new, and it was fairly pricey then, but they are pretty cheap now if you can find one!
  5. The forum survived a couple of long periods when it was down for "upgrades", it just kept happening. Everyone moved on. Its pretty sad. Logon once a year, or once every couple of years on some forums and get caught up.
  6. In the past year I've picked up a couple of Fender Elites. One Jazz 5 string in Seafoam green with the matching headstock. (impulse buy, I have a serious weakness for certain colors of Green), and recently a Tele in butterscotch blonde. FWIW, they both seem very well made and comfy. I really like the EQ on the Jazz, and even switched off, I am very happy with the sound. I like the truss rod Adjustment wheel. I never really had many problems with the other style, aside from a tendency I had of chewing up the pick guards a bit. The tuner for the B string has an extension on the tuner to hold the string near the bottom of the peg. The other 4 use a pair of round retainers to increase the break-angle over the nut. I have a couple of American Standard 5 strings (and a 4), and never noticed an issue with the B strings relative tension, although I have read more than a few complaints. I always put 3 wraps on the peg with the string coming off the bottom to increase the break angle. I've yet to notice any flaws in their construction, or finish and am very happy with the electronics. (I even like the S-1 switch on the Tele). The Elite Jazz bass has been my favorite bass for the better part of the year, very briefly falling to second behind one of my Ernie Ball basses. There is a reason I am not a professional reviewer, as I am not eloquent, descriptive or likely to make anyone want to buy one! They are great guitars, and do what I want them to do!
  7. Cool. I have a highway one p bass in my garage. It seems pretty decent. I should dust it off sometime
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