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Looking for a brand new guitar for Classical Guitar Studies at University.


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  • Looking for a brand new guitar for Classical Guitar Studies at University.

    Hello there HC Forum Members!

    I'm writing today seeking for some advice regarding classical guitars.

    I'm looking to purchase a guitar for studying classical guitar at my university. Many of us know that a classical guitar is shaped like this Guitar

    That means no cutaways, and no preamps on ''good'' classical guitars. Coming from an electrical & acoustic background (steel strings), this is a blow for me. I really desire to improve my guitar skills and get the best out of studying music education at university, but I would also like a lifetime guitar investment.

    I have tried various guitars in my area and the ones I like the most, have cutaways. Is this ''WRONG'' for studying classical music or can you do it? I'm also leaning towards a Cordoba GK Studio Negra. Can I use a guitar like it to study classical guitar in my university? Supposely some people have managed to study here with cutaways, but having a tradionalist strict instructor I don't know if it's really a choice.

    What can you recommend me? I would like it to have a preamp for plugged in use*

    Please guide me in this purchase decision.

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    If you have an instructor who will punish you for having a cutaway that's a bit crazy.  So many classical pieces get up into the highest guitar octave and for that a cutaway will definitely help.  That Cordoba is a fine instrument and perfectly fine for learning on.  If your instructor complains show him some classical music which gets up there.

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      Thanks for your reply ''rainrainwash3''!

      So you say I can buy the Cordoba guitar and have no problems at all using it at a classical musical program? I know the professors owns non-cutaway guitars. I played the professor's on my 1st class*


      I have been searching guitars and tried several Cordoba on that music store: the C7, C5, Jet12, etc.

      The GK Studio Negra is the one with the sound and neck feel I prefer. I come from an electric & acoustic guitar background. I like cutaways on my guitars and since my 1st acoustic/electric guitar was bought because I NEED to amplify my guitar signal, I need that all my guitars from now on amplify via built-in preamps. My 1st guitar (a cheap classical) doesn't amplify at all. In my 1st and only gig with it, I felt like a failure. I didn't standout no matter how hard I hitted the strings. 


      I want to make a smart choice. Something that I can use academically, personal, recording, and live uses.

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    If you get a chance, try out a Manuel Rodriguez C1 at Guitar Center. I found one that sounded great to me and was comparatively well priced. These are made in Asia. If you can find one. the Rodriguez e Hijos Model A gets good reviews. It's similar to the C1 but made in Spain. If price is an issue, the used market is your best bet.
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      I'm not so impressed by the Asian Rodriguez. The Spanish M.Rodriguez&Hijos are ok'ish. But still not what I would call "impressive", I have a M.Rodriguez&Hijos Caballero C10 BK and it needed some finishing work to make it function.

      If you're going European, I would suggest a Hanika 50 AF, Hofner HF15, Hofner HF16 or Hofner HZ125.
       Yamaha CG-Series are quite popular, too.

      If you want to, you can go used. Most classicals do not have the issues that older steelstring almost inevitably get. Also prices tend to fall quickly for used classicals. Unless it's a famous, very famous guitar, used prices tend to be rock bottom. At least here on my side of the pond...