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  1. garthman, apparently he could not see the smileys I have added to my posts. No my problem, but since he can't see smileys I understand that he could not get it.
  2. My apologies, didn't know that you were using telnet on a VT52.
  3. You've seen the smilies, didn't you. That was meant to be a joke.
  4. I didn't ask for opinions, I have enough of them myself. Indeed, I have so much of them that I give them away on teh interwebz for free! 🤣😂🤪
  5. There is no factory that doesn't do CNC. Even Martin uses lots of CNC parts nowadays. Handmade is more like assembled by hand. If you want handmade, you have to go Boutique like George Lowden ...
  6. One of the most peculiar strings so far. I have to say that I am a fan of the EXP-16. This is my string and I buy it in bulk, sometimes even the workshop pack. I have 25+ acoustic guitars to take care of and those are on all but one of my 6 stringers. One - a very lightly braced OM - sees only Martin Silk&Steel. But all others get the EXP-16. While being treated to an exclusive Martin factory tour with a visit to the Museum and the chance to play whatever there was on display, I also got the Lifespan strings (and some other goodies ...). And I hated those strings with a passion. I mean, I hate most Martin strings, they don't sound right, they don't last, they don't feel right, I just Hate them With a capital H. But I had those strings and I was - frankly - too lazy to change them, so they stayed on. And they stayed. And the longer they have been on, the better, the more balanced they became. Strange. Unfortunately, it takes a while for those strings to lose the initial brassiness and I have to bite myself through - and frankly, most of the time I don't and I just put on EXPs - but I put them on the guitars I don't play that often and they last and last. So, when they are new, I can't stand them, but they are, probably, the best Martin strings..
  7. Freeeman, yah, things change. Not for the better, mind you. But those old Yamahas, they have something. They have mojo. They sound better. They wear their battle scars with pride. If it wouldn't be for the damned neck resets. I've taken a very good look - again - at that FG 365S and there are signs of a previous neck repair. The lacquer around the heel is ever so slightly different and the corners aren't as sharp as they should be. This thing has had an interesting life. But ... well, I know it's not the proper way, but it is the economic right way to just shave the bridge and have it play on for another 5 to 10 years. Yes, the pull of the strings will make the issues worse, but it is, after all, just a plywood side/back Yamaha.
  8. well, I do Facebook, too, but I prefer Forums about Facebook. Why? Facebook is there to annoy me, to drag my attention away to a gazillion other FB content. Forums, on the other hand, keep me focused. I like Forums.
  9. Well, is the forum page by itself powered by Google? I thought it's always latest post first? Or did HC mess even that part of the forum up?
  10. Whazzup? Looks like the forum is full of threads that have been old when I was young. Digging up the dead? I thought, CoVid-times should be times of more music and more discussions in friendly acoustic guitar forums? Just asking: diid anyone notice B-Band is dead as a Dodo? But there are gods alternatives out there. Cherub GT-6 anyone? When did we have the last bridgepin discussion? Or debated over VN guitars?
  11. We used to have an offsite archive, but that went with one of the numerous crashes and rebuilds. Possibly gone forever. Why not ask Freeman directly?
  12. Thanks, mate. But with those. old Yammies, steaming the neck out is almost all the time a lost cause. They glued everything together 200%. Sometimes it works, mostly it won't. It's not a prewar Martin, so shaving the bridge is possibly the easier way. Freeman Keller - is he still around? - has a method converting them to mortise/tenon neck joints.
  13. It's been a while and life hasn't been too kind, well, not THAT bad, but, you know ... could have been better, much better. Why am I back? Because I need your help. A little bird has flown into my stable. Actually a Yamaha FG-365S with a lot of nice and honest patina and, well, more than a hand full of issues. Frets I to V are totally done, deep grooves on the bass strings, fingernail divots in the nice fretboard, but no nasty cracks. Well, no cracks but, you may have guessed it already, an issue with the neck angle. Now, it sounds like a cannon. Really. Those old Yammies are sought after for a reason. But the neck angle is ... bad. Bad as in straight neck, action 3/32 on the 12th fret. Straightedge hits the bridge at 1/32 to 3/64 below the top of the bridge. I doubt, that - as nicely as it sounds - a neck reset is warranted. So I just replace the frets I to V and sand down the bridge 3/64. Any comments/ideas?
  14. I can only repeat, what Freeman said. The slot in the bridge doesn't go down to the top, it's routed from the solid bridge material. Hence the depth of the routed channel is not going to change. So I call on magic and an old man with a hound at the crossroads. Or, magically again, the saddle material disintegrating from the bottom. You may want to pull the saddle and have a good look - and more photos.
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