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Epiphone Dot vs Epiphone Sheraton II


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  • Epiphone Dot vs Epiphone Sheraton II

    Ok these are both very beautiful guitars IMO! I really love the Sheraton but it is a descent amount more and I looked at the specs and couldn't figure it out...is it the extra binding and perhaps cosmetics? Is there a big difference in the quality of these instruments? If they are basically the same then I think the Dot looks pretty swell...not as good as a Sheraton but still good. I also plan on putting a hotter bridge pickup in eventually if needed.

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    no one responded so i'm going to bump. i have went through the search function and read up on various hollow bodies....i just want to know the $200 price difference in these guitars!


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      Are the pickups different? I think they might be. I've heard that a lot of people don't even change the sheraton pups because they're already really good. So that could be close to $200 right there. maybe better electronics, better made, better binding/headstock inlay, etc. Overall I think the Sheraton II is probably just a better guitar. Based on reputation alone and only having played a Dot (which was pretty nice, but needed upgrades) I would take a SH II over a Dot without hesitation.


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        I own several Epiphone DOTs and I love 'em!!

        The Sheratons I've tried do play a little nicer. They have a more luxurious, smooth feel to 'em.
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          Buy the Xaviere in the spam thread instead.
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            I believe the Sheraton was one of the original pre-Gibson Epiphone models that competed with the 335 line and the Dot is a post-Gibson "low-end" 335. Not that it makes much difference in the playability, but this may be a factor in their pricing rationale.


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              Nice one right here. Save yourself $200.

              Sheraton = high end Dot

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                my Dots stock pickups sound great.
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                  THe Sheratons I've picked up just felt better than MOST of the Epi dots.
                  Besides the cosmetics, I think a little more attention to detail is paid to them over all.
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                    I checked out a lot of DOTs and Sheratons before finally choosing a Sheraton. While the DOTs are decent for the money,there were a lot more workmanship flaws that I noticed on the DOTs. Also,the neck and fingerboard shapes are different between the two. The DOTs are rather chunky for my tastes,while the Sheratons are thinner and flatter. I love the pickups on my Sheraton,which I believe are based on '57 classics. I don't know if they are much different or better than the DOT pups. The Sheraton is a much fancier looking guitar with all the inlays and binding,but whether or not it's worth the extra coin is a matter of preference.Here's a pic of my Sheraton.


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                      I like the Sheraton look better, but if they have a thinner neck then that'd be a turn-off (if I were in the market for one).
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                        Sheraton = high end Dot



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                            I own several Epiphone DOTs and I love 'em!!

                            The Sheratons I've tried do play a little nicer. They have a more luxurious, smooth feel to 'em.

                            I owned a Sherry and have only played Dots but I prefer the chunkier neck of the DOt, although all in all, I like the Sherry better.
                            Hope that makes sense.


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                              The Dot and Sheraton are not the same guitar. I believe that the above post was correct in stating that the Sheraton is an Epiphone "origional" design whereas the Dot is a cheaper 335.

                              The necks are different and the electronics I believe are different. The wood on the back of a Dot natural almost looks like mahogony or some other dark wood while the neck on the Sheraton is maple.

                              Lastly the Sheraton is made in Korea....the Dot is made in China. Not a big deal to some but a huge deal to others.

                              Personally I think the Dot is okay but the Sheraton is inspiring.

                              my .02 from a newb.