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  1. Poor thing is now down to $599 at some stores. I bought one, and think it is one of The Most Beautiful, and Best playing Custom's I've ever had the pleasure of. Seriously, it Is All That.
  2. studdhuss

    Carlo Robelli RB1955

    I've been playing since 1983. I have a Gretsch Electrmatic Pro Jet w/Bigsby,a Dreadnaught Acoustic,a Brownsville Mini,a Tascam 424 MK3,a Digitech RP-100,a Hartke 60 watt amp,& other lil' odds and ends. I think I like everything about it. I wish it had a roller bridge. I compare it to the Gretsch Black Falcon and this much as well: it holds its own. The pickups could stand to be a little less muddy, but the tone sounds good overall.
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