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What were you doing at 10 yrs old?


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  • What were you doing at 10 yrs old?

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    i was trying desperately to adapt to life in New Jersey after living the other 9 years of my life in Maine.

    And i was trying to get my Charmander to evolve
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      Originally Posted by korky1958

      And it's a suede vest, not a waistcoat.


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        Fishing, riding my bike, **************** like that.


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          Nothing I should of been doign and everything I should not of been doing! Typical naughty boy. Deffinatly not playing cool stuff like that...
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          Originally Posted by Minitruth

          Of course. I told 'em you guys were saying they might try to stick furniture
          up my ass. Pics are proof they did not

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            playin guitar


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              Playing guitar for three years already and practicing hard daily...because I love it.
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                Playing football(soccer) outside, hanging out with friends. Good times Weird to think of a time when I had neither a guitar or a computer though
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                Originally Posted by jaxn slim

                Jim Henson lived with his parents, didn't he?

                Originally Posted by mattburnside

                I think you may have picked one of very few career paths where being a manchild is an asset.


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                  Wishing for an electric guitar. Didn't get one until I turned 13.
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                    Racing BMX and playing with Star Wars figures.
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                      I had lost interest in guitar momentarily at that point... I liked video games, fishing, riding my bike, and playing with friends, and I also had a kickass comic book collection
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                        playing with my lego... that's all I did back then


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                            No, that's Kansas.
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                              She's impressive! I hope she doesn't develop an ulcer!

                              10 years old. I was proud to have two digits in my age. I started a new school full of snobby rich kids and I didn't fit in because I didn't have the correct brand of cordoroy pants or the correct brand of boat shoes.

                              There was this new game that came out called Dungeons and Dragons. A few of us losers became quite enamored with it but we never really figured out how to play it...

                              I set the 5th grade record at the school for the 1 mile run. I don't know if I could even run a mile now unless the police or the criminals were chasing me!

                              That summer I was a swimming champion at the local city pool. My best stroke-----------breast stroke of course.