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  1. probably around the same time "chewy" was used to describe pickups
  2. get a yamaha silent guitar..... they are cheap, decent enough to play on, are made to be quiet, and theres not much to get broken, and if it gets stolen you arent out a lot of money
  3. I dont like faded finishes, so I am not a big fan of the faded studio or highway 1 guitars.... dont care how much they cost or where they are made, just not really my thing
  4. at $1800... it wont be happening for at least a year
  5. kind of like the article the OP posted? "Just because the monkey had some similar types of bones, doesn
  6. why is it that people with a mediocre understanding of science always try to use it against people of faith.... none of my coleagues try to do that, in fact the only people I have really seen try to convince religious people that they are wrong were actually philosophy and social science students/graduates....(or more importantly, all knowing atheist high school students... because we all know, teenagers have the most profound understanding of science and spirituality......) the great irony being is that they dont truly understand any of the science that they are championing as fact, they are just believing it blindly..... always amuses me
  7. I didnt really like the tone of a lot of dirt pedals with my twin reverb reissue... some seemed to just sit on top of the amp's sound and never blended too well
  8. already own it custom shop ESP HSS strat Barber Burn Unit EQ DLS Chorus Vib EHX SMMH Dr Z Z-28 head into Dr Z convertible 2x10 cab
  9. been playing a long time.... list would be too long so I will do since I joined HC guitars: Ibanez RG570 Ibanez RG1570 Ibanez AS80 Ibanez SR800FL Gibson SG Standard Gibson LP Studio Fender MIA standard strat ESP Custom Shop strat G&L mahogany limited edition Legacy HB Godin Redline 1 AJC LP Takamine EAC48 santa fe Larrivee D-50 Stonebridge OM32sm amps: Peavey Studio Pro 112 Traynor YCV40 limited edition in red Fender 65 Twin Reverb Reissue Dr Z Mini Z head Fender Supersonic 4x12 Dr Z Z-28 head Dr Z 2x10 convertible cab Mesa F-30 head Mesa Rectifier 2x12 cab Roland AC60 Effects: Boss CS3 Boss SD1 Boss MD2 Boss GT8 Ibanez DE7 Zoom HL-01 Maxon phasetone Maxon od808 Dunlop crybaby Dod death metal Dano pastrami EB Vp junior diamond compressor diamond fireburst dls chorus vib digitech hardwire korg pitchblack korg dtr1000 ehx smmh ehx holier grail ehx english muffn
  10. Originally Posted by companyman Stipple is stippley...chick-a-dee-dee-dee! I love working with pen and ink! wait where did the chickadee go? lol was too big so I replaced it with something smaller.... I have something like 30 of these done
  11. some of my ink work from many years ago (9 I think)
  12. office phone safety goggles coffee mug work books copy card
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