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who are your favorite independent dealers?


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  • who are your favorite independent dealers?

    i.e. not GC,MF, Music123, AMS, Sweetwater, etc. nor somebody like Guitarfetish, Carvin, or Rondo who is offering only their own brand.

    outside of the Willcutts, Music Zoos, and Wildwoods of the world (all top notch dealers), who else is out there? i'm looking for reputable dealers that won't accept a dog, even on a low-line instrument, and who place customer service first.

    whatcha got?
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    Richmond Music here in town is really good...

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      Grinning Elk
      Pick Of The Ricks
      The Music Zoo
      Musicians Workshop (Marlboro, NJ)
      Monmouth Music
      Bath Music
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        You can pretty much never go wrong with an AIMM (Association of Independent Music Merchandisers) dealer. The 2 nearest AIMM dealers to your area I believe are Alto Music in Middletown and Dave Phillips Music in Phillipsburg NJ. I also deal a lot with Rudy's in NYC and Ludlow Guitars in Brooklyn, both fine reputable institutions. If anybody would like info on the nearest AIMM dealer to their location I'm happy to look up and provide.


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          Richmond Music here in town is really good...

          AIMM dealer...


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            Blues Angel Music in Pensacola, FL
            ...when I'm 64...


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              Dave's Guitars in LaCrosse Wi.

              Cream City Music in Milwaukee (OK, Brookfield actually)

              Gruhn Guitars Nashville
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                Centre City in San Diego.
                Elderly, of course.
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                  I've had very good experiences with Music Power. Twice I asked if they could meet or beat what was already the lowest price I had come across, and both times the quotes were excellent, as were the guitars.


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                    Drum City Guitarland in Denver. They set up all of their guitars to their customers' liking, and they are great to deal with. You're not just getting a guitar in a box with these guys. Of course you already mentioned Wildwood, who is also local. I've purchased from them also, these are two great shops with different specializations.

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                      We had a great independent dealer where i live called Underdogs, but they could not complete with the big dogs and went under! Now we have two of the same dealers in town, because Long and Mcquade bought out the other store we had! Not a lot of options here now! Ebay has become my friend!


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                        I have a great relationship with Rick Kelly at Carmine Street Guitars. If you've got the time the place is a great place to hang-out.




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                          Guitar Showcase - San Jose Very cool selection of vintage stuff to look at.

                          The Starving Musician - Sunnyvale (I think...maybe Santa Clara)
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                              musictoyz, wildwood, willcutts, washington music center, daddys junky music