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    I think it looks awesome

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    Has a Ninja Turtles feel to it.
    I don't want it but I don't hate it either.
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      Certainly not at that price. OK, not at any price. ESP makes some great guitars, and I'm sure it plays really nice. Just not visually appealing to me.

      Seller's info says it's made in USA...sticker on back of headstock says 'Made in Japan'. What's up with that?
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        Metallic camo? Seems like a tiny contradiction...
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          No. I dislike the body style more than the paint. And I really dislike the price.

          If it was a different body style in the same paint for a couple hundred then maybe. Not something I'd seek out though.
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            Surprisingly, I don't hate it, but I do really dislike that body shape. If I was in a touring band, I could see going with that finish in a strat shape or something.

            Price seems really over the top. I've played a lot of older ESPs that were on par with Jackson or Kramer custom shop stuff, but $9,000... there's just no possibly way I could justify that. I mean, the $2,000 ESPs I've played over the last five years knocked my socks off... there's no possible way this could be worth four and a half times that much... at least not to me.
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              Nice guitar, I'd use it.

              CRAP price though !!!

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                I'm trying really hard to like that, but I gotta say....it's pretty damn ugly.
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                  The perfect Guitarmy guitar for the Dildozer entry...
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                    That is very cool, in a completely disgusting and garish way. I love the back of the neck.


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                      Umm I'd buy another Harley to park next to my other 1 for that kind of money
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                          Not at anything near that price. Good grief thats high asking proce.
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