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On guitar... Ringo Starr!


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  • On guitar... Ringo Starr!

    Not sure if this was already posted, but I found an interesting site detailing the various guitars and basses owned by each of the Beatles.

    It promises a section for Ringo "coming soon" but in the meantime, they had this cool shot of Mr. Starkey.

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    Very cool!!!
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      He looks more comfortable on guitar than drums. What a weird, talented lot, the Beatles.
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        Looks like it's "Starr Time!" with Rory Storme and the Hurricanes.


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          To quote Early 1970- "I play guitar A,D,E. I play the piano if it's in C" Looks like Ringo is even more talented than we give credit for.


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            The haircut alone is worth the price of admission!
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              It's always interesting to think that these well known/celebrity band members all once got their start in a band.

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                John gave Ringo his 3rd Rickenbacker. Ringo still has it.

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                  Ringo picks up a guitar now and then, sometimes during a show. I remember seeing him play a Gibson L6-S once - just strumming it mainly. Not sure if it was his or someone's from the band.

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                    I bet that photo had to be from at least the very early 60's. That scruffy beard look is pretty hip now, but back then it was totally subversive.




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                      He had to shave it off when he joined The Beatles -- but they told him, 'You can keep the sidies, though ...'

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