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  1. I picked this up at Music-Go-Round.It's the first version of the 5005 Lead 12 made in 1982,the one with no output plugs(later versions have one or 2 outputs on the front).This one has a built-in fuzz circuit that kicks in when you turn the gain knob past 8.5. From Vintage Guitar Magazine: "Lead 12: The Little Screamer - Greater distortion at low volumes was also the goal of one of the most interesting amps Marshall released in the early '80s - the model 5005 Lead 12. A 12-watt transistor practice amp with a 10" Celestion, it retailed for under $200 and for many came surprisingly close to capturing the great, warm sound of the distorted Marshall amps of years gone by. It was a favorite of many working musicians, including luminaries like Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. The Lead 12 proved to be enough of a hit with consumers that Marshall has continued to make transistor mini-amps. The '80s and early '90s saw the introduction of the tiny one-watt MS-2, the popular 3005 solidstate Micro-Stack (based on the 5005), and the 10-watt 8001 Valvestate Micro-Stack (part of a series of Marshall amps launched in '91 where all models with 40 watts or more used a 12AX7 tube in their preamps, to drive a solidstate power stage designed to sound and feel like an all-tube power amp), as well as numerous more high-powered combo amps, and even separate transistorized heads." From "The History of Marshall" by Michael Doyle "...Naturally there are many modern Marshalls that can come close to approximating the Bluesbreaker sound but the most surprising one is the old 5005 (Lead 12) solid-state combo so beloved by Billy F Gibbons. He recorded such guitar greats as "My Head's in Mississippi" with this amp, and I am eternally in his debt for bringing it to my attention!." I used to have the 2nd version of this amp(single output jack on the front). But that one didn't have the built-in in fuzz circuit that the 1st version has.
  2. I have a Chinese guitar: a 1999 Squier Affinity Tele I got at a pawn shop for $59 including a padded gigbag,
  3. Still want this one(below) cuz I got a thing for blondes
  4. https://www.ishibashi.co.jp/report/namm2002/squier-series24.htm
  5. Nice guitars! You can still find them for bargain prices too. Also at the end of their run Fender rebranded the left over bodies under the Squier name and sold them with Duncan Designed pickups instead of DeArmonds. I used to own these 2.
  6. Very cool, it reminds me of Mick Ronsons Les Paul
  7. Lol,you remember my "creepy doll" photos from the 2000s when I lived with my ex?
  8. Thanks Phil, yes I did. I really wanted a Les Paul and this is a really nice one.Seemed like destiny because I never should have let the first one go.
  9. I went to Music-Go-Round in Maple Grove MN on Monday to buy this 1982 Marshall 5005 Lead 12 amp and will I was there I saw this 1994 Wine Red Studio. with Gold hardware. It looked just like the first Les Paul I ever bought which was a 2002 version of the same model(Polaroid of that one is below). It was like deja-vu all over again because I had bought that one at another Music-Go-Round in 2004(in Uptown Minneapolis,now closed). The one I got Monday was $50 cheaper than the first one I got too!
  10. I just unearthed this post from a 2005 Harmony Central Forum thread. This was less than a year after I joined this forum on October 18, 2004 and soon after I had bought my first guitar since 1978, a J.Reynolds Stratocaster The Thread's Title is "List here all of the gear you've owned" "Posted by fuzztone on June 12, 2005 Since last year I have bought and sold the following: amps: 80's Crate 112 amp(I found this at a thrift store for $50 and thus began a rekindling of my long dormant interest in guitars) Vox Pathfinder 15 Vox ADVT15 Vox Tonelab Tech 21 TM 10 Harmony H-400(tube) Silvertone 1451(tube Danelectro) Electric Guitars J.Reynolds Strat Squire 51' Westone Bendmaster Rickenbacker 325c58 HamburgJG Fender Telecaster MIM Agile Valkyrie(1st version w/humbuckers) Ephiphone Sheraton II Fender Telecaster 69 Thinline(MIM RI) Fender American Telecaster 52 RI Les Paul Studio(2002 Wine Red) Fender Floral Stratocaster(2002 CIJ) Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster(Teal blue/green) Fender Custom Shop Strat (Shell Pink body/headstock gold HW) Truetone 3/4 size single pickup(60s) Fender American Standard Strat(Olympic White 1987) Epiphone G-310(red) Epiphone SG Special(Black w/Gotoh humbuckers) Gibson SG Classic(P-90s 1999) Gibson SG Special(Wine Red) Gibson SG 61 RI 1999 Rickenbacker 340VP(Fireglow) Gibson Melody Maker(Red Satin 2003) Fender Duo-Sonic 1993 MIM RI Silvertone Jupiter(1423L) Truetone solid body with Barney Kessel Pickups(1968) Rickenbacker 325v63(1997) I only have 5 guitars and 3 amps now as I have sold or traded most of these. By the way if I had never stumbled across this GAS producing website(Harmony cental) and met all you freaking maniacs I would still have my J.Reynolds Strat and Crate amp and some money for my kids braces.Ah but what is the fun in that?"
  11. Yeah,I am curious to see if they will relist this guitar for sale. They haven't do it yet.
  12. So I go to GC to pick up the guitar last Friday and when we open up the shipping carton there is an Epiphone triangle shaped box inside. I say that can't be it,where is the case? They say that is how it came. No case. When we open the Epiphone box the Les Paul is inside but after I look at the headstock repair I tell them I don't want it. It looked like an amateur job with a thick line of white glue running diagonally from the top of the headstock through low E tuner hole. One screw of the tuner looked like it was going to pull out of the wood. I just cancelled the order and got a refund.
  13. Looks like we are putting the band back together,lol
  14. Guitar Center had this guitar for $399. It comes with a case. It is listed as in fair condition because it has had a headstock repair. I thought it was worth taking a chance so I am having them ship it to my local GC So I can try it.
  15. Price reduced to $699.99 https://reverb.com/item/5142867-rex-kay-k-141-guitar-w-chipcase
  16. For sale is my "Rex" solid body guitar made by Kay made around 1954. It has a neck thru construction like a Harmony Stratotone.It is in very good condition and is all original except for the tuner buttons. Price is $799.99 If you live in The Minneapolis/St Paul area you can try it at Vig Guitars.See reverb link below for more photos and information. https://reverb.com/item/5142867-rex-...tar-w-chipcase The Rex brand was distributed by Gretsch but Kay made the K-141 for other brands including Orpheus and Silvertone.
  17. I found this at a local store last week.The headstock label says "Rex" but it was made by Kay. The body looks like a model K141 but the pickguard looks like a model K136. . It is all original except the tuner buttons have been replaced.It has the biggest neck I have ever seen on a guitar. It is very similar to the Silvertone 1361 Elmore James has in the photo at the bottom.
  18. Thanks! Here is a great demo of the 2012.
  19. This is a thread someone started at another forum and I thought it would be fun to do here too. Right now I only own a couple of guitars but these are all the guitars I have owned in my life except for a couple of guitar I had when I was a kid.You can see photos of all the guitars listed below at this thread here 2012 Epiphone Special II with P-90s 2000 Epiphone Basher Heritage Cherry Sunburst 2001 Epiphone Slasher with Metallic Light Blue finish 2010 Epiphone Les Paul Special SC 2000 Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul Custom 2003 Epiphone Les Paul Standard(fake) 1965 Epiphone Wilshire 1967 Epiphone Olympic Double Epiphone Cretstwood ET-290N Epiphone Les Paul junior Epiphone Sheraton II 1966 Epiphone Granada Epiphone Casino Cherry Red Epiphone SG Special Epiphone Model 301 SG 2011 Gibson Les Paul 59 Reissue Heritage Cherry Sunburst 2014 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker Satin Yellow 2014 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker Satin Yellow(number 2) 2012 Gibson Les Paul Special Junior Satin Yellow 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard Trans Amber 1980 Gibson LP Firebrand 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom Cherry Sunburst with chrome hardware 2006 Gibson Les Paul Junior B.J.A. 1998 Gibson Fire Engine Red Les Paul Special 2007 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop 1996 Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 Reissue 2011 Gibson Les Paul Special Heritage Cherry Gloss Gibson Les Paul Junior Humbucker with coil split Yellow 2000 Gibson Goldtop 57 reissue 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Iced Tea" 1994 Gibson Goldtop 57 reissue painted by Tom Murphy 2010 Gibson Les Paul Jr Special Exclusive 2010 Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute Goldtop 2004 Les Paul Studio Limited Color from "Don't Stop The Rock" Benefit auction J Mascis and Allison Anders 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard with Gold Hardware 2008 Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany Faded Cherry 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 2005 Gibson Les Paul Custom 2009 Gibson Les Paul Junior Faded Cherry 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom Gold Burst 2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic Cinnamon Burst Gibson Les Paul Classic Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Standard Ebony Gibson Les Paul Studio Heritage Cherry Gloss Hot Rodded Samick LPC with witch hats Sky Les Paul Copy Harley Benton TE-70(Prince Tele) 1981 Series 10 guitar(Rickenbacker 350) Bently Telecaster copy White 1970 Harmony H-76 Warbler Flying V No-name Flame Maple SG3 with "Bigsby" Chandler Telecaster Cherryburst with Bigsby Gibson Moderne replica by Glenn Miller CCI Mediums Tonemaster owned by Charlyne Yi Alden Shelltop LP Tonika(USSR) Kustom K200A 1962 Supro Model 1540 Bermuda(Resoglass version). Oscar Schmidt OE30 Blues Fakenbacker 330 Black 2006 Ampeg Dan Armstrong reissue CONN CSE-4V LP Cherry Red 1978 "A" Les Paul Custom copy Greco EG-600AF 3-pickup LP Cherryburst Ibanez 2350 Black Beauty 1966 Teisco K-3L Three tone Sunburst 1973 El Degas Telecaster Vintage White 1977 Ibanez 2342IV Deluxe 59er "Sunlight Special" Tokai TTE70 Breezy Sound Paisley Telecaster 1968 Avalon AV-2T Shaggs Guitar Zen-On ZES 1400SD made by Guyatone Fernandes RG-80 Rickenbacker 350 with Figsby Maya ES-175D Gibson ES-175 Melody JB-4 Teisco Melody maker DC Teisco Del Ray Melody Maker DC Hondo II Lyre Mando Guitar(31 Frets) with single HB and built in Pre amp Gold Westone Bendmaster Yellow 1967 Decca(Teisco) DC 2 Pickup chrome pickguard and white push buttons Pignose Strat copy Fernandes RST-40 The Revival Strat Burgundy Metallic Purple J.Reynolds Stratocaster Copy Ventura Strat Natural Fernandes LE-2 G Strat Gold J. Reynolds Vintage White strat J. Reynolds Antique Sunburst Strat 2006 Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster Coral Pink Super Relic 2012 Fender FSR Butterscotch Blonde Telecaster with Flipped Controls 2004 Vintage White American Telecaster 2011 Natural Ash American Standard Telecaster 2002 Butterscotch Blonde Fender '52 Telecaster AVRI 1974 Three Tone Sunburst Fender Telecaster Custom 2001 Butterscotch Blonde American Fender Deluxe Ash Telecaster 2011 Copperburst Fender FSR Standard Telecaster 1995 Midnite Wine Fender Standard Telecaster 2004 Natural Mahogany Fender 69 Thinline RI 2004 Arctic White Fender Standard Telecaster 2009 Two Tone Sunburst Fender Roadworn Telecaster 2009 Blonde Fender Roadworn Telecaster 2000 Candy Apple Red American Fat Telecaster 2003 Fender Shell Pink 72 Thinline Telecaster Squier Series 24 S-73 in Wine Red Metallic 2013 Squier Affinity Strat Shell Pink 1987 Squier Bullet made in Korea Squier JV Oly White Stratocaster 2008 "Pink" Squier Bullet Straocaster w original Squier hardshell case 1999 Black Squier Affinity Telecaster 2005 Blonde Squier '51 2004 Blonde 'Squier '51 Squier Vintage White Standard Telecaster Squier Butterscotch Blonde Affinity Telecaster Squire Sunburst Bullet Strat Squire Blue Affinity Strat in original Squire hardshell(plastic!)case De Armond by Guild M-75T 1966 Guild Starfire V 1994 Guild Brian May Signature Westerberg's 1984 Rickenbacker 620/12 1973 Mustang Formerly owned by Carson Vester AKA "Whitey Westlake" of Honky Mitch Easter's Gretch White Penguin Mitch Easter's 1968 Rickenbacker 365 First Act 222 White First Act Adam Levine Designer Series Black Starcaster by Fender Strat 2013 Fender FSR American Standard Stratocaster with Shell Pink Finish 2013 Fender FSR American Standard Stratocaster Shell Pink(Number 2) Fender Custom Shop 56 Relic with Shell Pink Finish,gold anodized aluminum pickguard and gold hardware 2002 Fender Powerhouse Stratocaster Graffiti Yellow 2003 Shell Pink 60s Classic Stratocaster 2001 Sky Blue American Series Stratocaster 2001 Wine Red Standard Stratocaster 1974 Three Tone Suburst Stratocaster 2003 Teal Blue Highway 1 Stratocaster 2006 Three Tone Sunburst American Standard Hardtail Strat 2002 Blue Floral Stratocaster 1987 Olympic White American Standard 1995 Surf Green American Standard 2006 American Standard 3 Tone Sunburst 2008 Oly White American Standard with anodized gold pickguard Shell Pink Custom Shop Stratocaster with matching headstock 1995 Black Fender Duo-Sonic Graffiti Yellow Fender Cyclone 1965 Fender Mustang Red 1989 Fender Heartfield R9 Sparkle Yellow 2012 Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang Lake Placid Blue 1981 Fender Bullet S-2(USA) Red 1969 Fender Candy Apple(over gold) Swinger 1956 Desert Sand Fender Duo-Sonic 1973 Red Fender Bronco Fender Lead II Black Caramel Metallic Cyclone 1993 Oly White Duo-Sonic Gibson S-1 Brown 2003 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker Cherry Red 1984 Gibson Challenger III Brown 1965 Melody Maker Cardinal Red DC 2006 Red Metallic Gibson Firebird VII 1998 Gibson Blueshawk Black 1996 Rickenbacker 325v59 Ebonyglo 1988 Rickenbacker 230 Red 1973 Rickenbacker 480 2006 Rickenbacker 330 with a custom Red Sparkle Finish with Faux Binding done by Mark Johnson owner of MJ Guitars Rickenbacker 325c58 Ebonyglo Rickenbacker 325c64 Ebonyglo 2005 Rickenbacker 330 Ebonyglo 2007 Rickenbacker 330 Ebonyglo 2009 Rickenbacker 360 Ebonyglo Rickenbacker 360v64 Ebonyglo Rickenbacker 650A Atlantis Rickenbacker 330 Mapleglo Rickenbacker 620 Fireglo Rickenbacker 320 Fireglo Rickenbacker Rose Morris 1997 Fireglo Rickenbacker 325v63 Ebonyglo Rickenbacker 350v63 Ebonyglo Rickenbacker 330/12 Fireglo 1991 Rickenbacker 350 Liverpool White with Black Trim 2004 Rickenbacker 340VT Fireglo 1972 Electro ES-17 Fireglo 2005 Rickenbacker 360 12-String MG 2006 Gibson Faded SG Gibson 50th Anniversary Pete Townshend SG 1991 Gibson SG Junior Black 1987 Gibson SG Custom White Gibson SG Special Heritage Cherry Gibson SG Standard Black Gibson SG Classic Heritage Cherry Gibson SG 61 Reissue Heritage Cherry 1966 Kay Galaxie II 1968 Truetone made by Valco with Kay parts(factory "floor sweeper model") Red Western Auto Truetone made by Kay circa 1965 1964 Silvertone 1448 amp in case 1965 Silvertone 1448 amp in case 1964 Silvertone 1413L Robin's Egg Blue Danelectro 12-String Sparkle Blue Danelectro 56-U2 Copperburst 1962 Silvertone 1423 made by Harmony Danelectro DC 59 Commie Red Danelectro Pro Gold 1963 Danelectro Pro-1 1959 Silvertone 1304(Danelectro) Purple Sparkle 2010 Fender J.Mascis Jazzmaster CIJ 1963 Jazzmaster Shoreline Gold Metallic customized with 1979 Bill Lawrence L-500L and L-500R pickups 2009 Fender AVRI Jazmaster Olympic White 1995 PRS McCarty PRS Satin Soapbar Hofner 4578 VTZ with built-in fuzz and treble boost 1964 Hofner Senator E1 Peavey Patriot Black 1982 Peavey T-25 Natural Johnny Ramone Forever Mosrite Blue Sparkle Mosrite Of Century Black 1964 VOX Ace Powder Blue 1965 VOX Mark XII Teardrop Sunburst Gretsch BST 1000 Agile Valkyrie SX Junior Special Yellow Agile LP-2500 Goldtop Flight Of The Concords Bass Made in Ordjonikidze, USSR Art&Lutherie Ami Cedar Blue Parlor Guitar Ephiphone Les Paul Special I P-90 Raven GE6-18 MIJ Telecaster copy 2014 Gibson SG Standard 24 fret AMS Limited Edition Orange Amplification Les Paul Special copy with Orange finish 2012 Gibson Les Paul 50s Tribute Goldtop with Humbuckers Agile LP-2500 Cherry Sunburst Silvertone 1478 Rex(Kay K141)
  20. Thanks! Yes mine has a "baked maple" fretboard. I love it!
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