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Youtube Demo of my 1966 Fender guitar


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  • Youtube Demo of my 1966 Fender guitar


    Posted this last week on Political party and most liked it.. Its not a very common Fender guitar... bob
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    I'm in a band called Little Sluggers. Signature.


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      Sounds great! Almost makes me want to get a pedal steel.
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        Sounds fantastic, thx for sharing.
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          This video has quite the 'country & western' sound to it! Very twangy!
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            Man, that sounds amazing!
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              It was done with a camera phone. so the audio stinks, as does the video, but you kind of get the idea..

              You hear lots of clanking from the cables under the guitar, because, I was so worried about distortion, I kept the volume on the amp just above a whisper. If you listen to the audio, you will hear my voice is louder than the steel!.. Should have turned it up some... Most Fender pedal steels in the 60's were either 8 string,[400] or dual neck 8 string[1000] ,, There was also a dual 10 string[2000], and mine is the most rare model for some reason the, single neck 10 string[800] VERY hard to find.

              It weighs a ton compared to modern steels, about twice as heavy as a modern pedal steel.

              The pickup is identical to the Fender jaguar pickup, black cover set in metal teeth, exposed poles,, and pretty twangy... btw guys, the are several 6 string pedal steels on the market today that are tuned like a guitar, and make a guitarist a pedal steel player quickly.. They run CHEAP too.. You can have a good quality 6 string pedal steel these days for around $600 mint used condition.. It won't turn you into a full time steel player, but it will add a huge new dimension to your guitar

              " color pallette"... I would be happy to answer any PM's about pedal steel guitars in general if anyone cares to inquire... bob
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                good stuff, bob!

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                  I've heard it said that pedal steel is THE most difficult instrument to play well, but you make it look effortless. Well played, sir.
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                    Man that sounds great. I've played country in bands in my area with 2 different steel players, and I always felt they MADE our sound. I wish I had the patients to learn steel guitar. I've always wanted to stumble on and old steel guitar in a pawnshop,but it hasn't happened. I think you should move to South Texas to join a Country Church and bring people to God with those HOLY steel tones.. Just a thought.
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                      Very cool. I've always loved the sound of a pedal steel. That's the first time I've ever heard the pedals clicking, so thanks for the explanation above! Rawk on, bro!
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                        that's a pedal steel. Not a guitar.
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                          Great job!
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                            Quote Originally Posted by guitarcapo
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                            that's a pedal steel. Not a guitar.

                            Pedal Steel GUITAR.. It has frets, similar string gauges and scale as a 6 string, E is open major chord, 3rd fret is g same as a 6 string, , it uses the same pickup as a Fender Jaguar, except for 4 more pole pieces,, and its played with fingerpicks, or bare fingers, or some guys play it well with a flatpick.. Is a resonator guitar also not a guitar??.. ANY steel guitar is indeed a guitar... bob
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