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    I live in Washington State so I think I'll issue an IPO for iWeed.

    then roll it and smoke it.
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      Quote Originally Posted by GAS Man
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      I live in Washington State so I think I'll issue an IPO for iWeed.

      then roll it and smoke it.

      on an ap

      If it's going to be an iProduct, be sure that it's made in China and that the working conditions in the factory are so deplorable that people are commuting suicide. Also, be sure to lock the doors so the workers can't get out of the building should it catch fire.
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      Originally Posted by Mike Eldred, Fender Custom Shop

      The discussion about nitro (and many things on forums like these) is largely based on folklore, innuendo, and assumption that it "sounds better". Poppycock.


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        my plans for 2013 are crystal clear, because i have a new years high def resolution.


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          1. Build a time machine.

          2. Go back in time.

          3. Stop X Factor from existing.

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            I stopped smoking and started exercising this year. What more can I give? Well I guess I could practice and/or learn something and maybe lose a few to twenty pounds. lol
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              I promised my wife that i will quit smoking at newyears day.


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                I am fat. So I will therefore be jumping on the weight loss bandwagon. Oh yes, and I hope to record an EP with what remains of my band.
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                  I need to read more, and get back into my writing projects.

                  I need to eat better and get fit. I've never been as sedentary as I am now. I'm more worried about my health than at any other time in my life. I'm at a decent weight, I just want to drop a couple of inches off my waist, if I can. I want to build strength while staying lean.
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                    1. Lose another 60 lbs (after already losing 85)

                    2. Become a somewhat competent guitar player
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                      To learn how to actually record some tracks.

                      You people put me to shame with your home studios


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                        Quote Originally Posted by Malfunction
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                        I promised my wife that i will quit smoking at newyears day.

                        I quit about 4-5 years ago...try Chantix. That **************** works.


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                          1. Be a really good boyfriend to the new girlfriend.

                          2. Only allow myself to buy guitars from the following list: Epiphone Casino, Fender Jaguarillo, Fender '65 Mustang, Wechter Grand Auditorium

                          3. No more Vox amplifiers. Please, no more Vox amplifiers.

                          4. Practice to the point where I don't mess up my own songs, then write harder parts so this is an ongoing process.

                          5. Improve my singing.

                          6. Get my band ready to record by 2014.

                          7. Be 80% more debt free, on track to be 100% by 2014.

                          8. Be less lazy at work.
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                            Communicate more with family.

                            Stop thinking about those who don't return phone calls.

                            Survive on less.

                            Having a plan to get rid of debt.

                            Become more proficient at doing solo gigs.

                            Eject from my life people that aren't on time.
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                                Quote Originally Posted by peskypesky
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                                1. get a hot girlfriend like xrleroyx

                                2. do my 2011 taxes

                                3. do my 2012 taxes

                                4. learn music theory

                                5. join or start a band

                                6. make more music videos and maybe start a documentary

                                7. write a film script (already have the story)

                                8. get a hot girlfriend like xrleroyx

                                I do not think number 1 and 8 mean what you think they mean.

                                You are saying, you think xrleroyx would make a hot girlfriend.

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