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  • Hot or Not? April 17th


    1965 Airline Bobkat
    Harmony made '65 Airline 7250 in her Montgomery Wards sexy gold dress! Killer DeArmond pickup in that cool middle position. Straight neck, all original condition, no issues. Original soft case too.






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    Ummmmm.  I'm gonna go with "Not so much."

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      Nah. Put's the Fug in Ugly.

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      Hmmmm.. For some reason, maybe the gold/black, this reminds me of Star Trek. Somehow I think that only collectors would really dig that guitar.
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      Possibly "hot".  It is a guitar that I would want to try out with the intention of possibly buying if I saw one for sale near me.  Although they were not particularly high quality guitars they weren't unplayable junk either.  And they usually sounded pretty good.  I think it might be fun to play whenever I am looking for that particular sound.


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        LIke the color, overall, though, not.

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      It's a Kay. They were not very good.

      That one looks ok in a clunky sort of way, but you wouldn't want to look cool playing it without a quartz tuner.

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      • Roy Brooks
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        That is not a Kay but a Harmony.

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      The neck does look to be in good shape, though ...


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        Grab a slide and play some Black Keys or Hound Dog Taylor . . . otherwise, not so much.

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          I'll go with not on this one.


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            Looks interesting, but I had a few guitars early on with that style of construction, and I'm glad to have moved up.

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              Those pickups rule, they usually play very well despite the cheap appearance. I have had one. Rock it dude, don't pay attention to what these lame'o's think, they all play strats and pauls, or what ever else they can buy at new at Guitar Center.



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                For a '60s cheapie, kind of cool.  I used to have a Silvertone version of that with two pickups. Actually sounded pretty good.  Short scale.  I'm thinking 23.5".

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