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  1. https://www.rosepickups.com/new-prod...assic-set-of-3 Ken Rose makes great Strat pickups at really nice prices. * Suggestions: Rose Robusta set (or with w/ overwound Buff Beauty bridge) Rose Mariposa set (or with w/ overwound Buff Beauty bridge) Rose Buff Beauty set Around $85/set * Don't take my word for it: http://www.strat-talk.com/threads/wh...ickups.440276/
  2. It wasn't a song, per se. It was the death of Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  3. It wasn't a song, per se. It was the death of Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  4. In my opinion, the Slash set had the most all-around appealing character. The EMGs were very clear, but to me they lacked an essential personality. The Lace pickups lacked that personality even more. My ranking: Slash Burstbuckers EMGs Lace
  5. I have two Tonerider sets in two Strats: the City Limits set (a hotter bridge Texas Blues-type), and the Classic Blues set. The City Limits sounds great, honestly better than Texas Specials, IMHO; they nail that slightly overwound, glassy Strat sound. Classic Blues are mellower, and rounder. Both sets are sweet, open and relatively uncompressed. COnsidering the price, they're tough to beat, For more tonal variation, I have both connected to Deaf Eddie strat switches: City Limits to the Fat-O-Caster switch (11 different tones) Classic Blues to the Chromacaster switch (16 different tones) Another Tonerider set to consider is the Surfari set. Listen to demos of Squier Classic Vibe 50s strats; they contain the OEM version of this pickup set, and they're really excellent.
  6. I bought a Tribute Legacy for $300 on a Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day last year, and it's one of my best guitar purchases ever.
  7. The 611HFM, 100% Great, great guitar.
  8. Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM - A great compromise at $600: a very high quality Strat style body, Grover locking tuners, Wilkinson bridge, Graphtec nut, with a fat-sweet-raunchy Duncan Vintage P90 in the neck for the jazz/blues/classic rock, and a Duncan Custom 5 (coil-splittable) in the bridge for more aggressive tones. Available in hard tail or tremolo versions, in a variety of colors.
  9. https://www.wood-finishes-direct.com/blog/art-aging-guitars/ [h=3]How to age a guitar – 7 top resources[/h] Here are some really good resources to help you create something special. – An excellent YouTube video A great guitar relicing website dedicated to the subject How to age an electric guitar Wikihow on guitar relicing A great article about why to relic your guitar And finally, to whet your creative appetite, the absolutely inspirational Fender Custom Shop site, including galleries and collections, a shop and a section on master built masterpieces. The real deal from Fender’s craftsmen costs a fortune. But you can learn how
  10. Damn that is classically gorgeous.
  11. Great article; love Randall's playing.
  12. [ EDIT: Damn, I didn't see your amp purchase post before replying. Congrats! You bought a kickass amp & head. Think about swapping out the far left 12AX7 for a 5751. And also the far right (Power Inverter/PI spot) for a Sovtek 12AX7LPS tube, depending on whether you're looking for more vintage tones ] As the owner of a Micro Terror, Micro Dark and Tiny Terror, go for the Micro Dark because of the effects loop. These amps are tremendous bedroom/office pieces of equipment, with a lot of variation of tap particularly if you replace the stock JJ tubes. One minute spent replacing the stock 12AX7 preamp tubes with a quality 12AU7, 5751 (my favorite) or 12 AY7/AT7 can really change the natural sag/saturation/sponginess of the sound. As an analogy, dropping a 5751 tube into the Micro Dark took it from Korn-level to Bad Co-level types of gain. More complex tones that made the amp knobs more useful. I love my Tiny Terror so much, but the thought of an effects loops makes me want to try out a Dark Terror.
  13. I bought one a couple of months ago and I'm very happy with it; no pronounced mid hump or treble boost. It's one of my "always on" pedals, along with the EHX Turnip Greens (an EHX Soul Food & EHX Holy Grail reverb in one double-sized combo pedal). ANd you can't beat the price.
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