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OT: Wife wants a new car


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  • OT: Wife wants a new car

    And she is really liking the new Jetta.  I loved the way it drives but have read some real horror stories about VW reliability and repair costs.

    Anyone own one and have real life experience???



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    Unclemeat wrote:

    And she is really liking the new Jetta.  I loved the way it drives but have read some real horror stories about VW reliability and repair costs.

    Anyone own one and have real life experience???



    No idea but factor in how long in duration she will drive it a day time wise, compare it how long you could play a new guitar time wise a day and use it for leverage for a new guitar.

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      Well, just in case anyone says to look at a Honda Civic intead - don't. I had one, an '07, and it sucked.
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      • DeepEnd
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        kayd_mon wrote:
        Well, just in case anyone says to look at a Honda Civic intead - don't. I had one, an '07, and it sucked.

        Not a Civic but I have an '09 Toyota Corolla that I like a lot. 71K and no major problems except a bum water pump that was fixed under warranty. Prior to that, I had a 2000 Chevy Cavalier that I loved. The current equivalent appears to be the Sonic. As for VW's, I've heard negative stuff about turbo models myself.

      • gibsunLPgoldtop
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        Every Honda Civic I've owned has reached the 190,000 miles mark.

        VW's have a lot of issues.

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      don't know, but you should try and swing a new guitar out of this situation


      • D Carroll
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        I had an '02 jetta that I loved. The only repair it needed in it's 200,000 mile life was a new o2 sensor. I've got a GTI right now, and sadly can't say the same.

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      My GF has a 2010 Jetta Sportwagon TDi.  The thing is a blast to drive (compared to any other similar "wagon" I've ever driven), but has been plagued since shortly after she bought it with repeated failures on the diesel particulate filter.  They've replaced it under warranty each time, but it fails ever 10,000 miles or so (for some reason, she hasn't listened to me about pursuing lemon law remedies).

      That said, I've talked to other people with Jettas (both TDi and standard), and nobody else has had the same problems (save on person I encountered in an online forum).

      If she's not getting the diesel, I'd say it's probably a safe choice, if she is, I'd be tempted to look elsewhere.


      • Dougy
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        I've got a 2004 Mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi. Bought it last year with only 24k on the clock, and I hope to keep it until at least 124k...

        Best car I've had. Reliable, good on fuel and goes fast enough when I want it to. And if it does break down the parts are always easy to get hold of (if you like fixing it yourself) and they're generally pretty straightforward for mechanics to work on (if you don't like fixing it yourself).

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        The second best car I've had?


        A 2001 Ford Focus 1.8 petrol.  

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      I have not owned a Jetta, but my neighbor from across the street is the technical editor of Car & Driver magazine, and he told me that VW started putting a lot of pressure on their suppliers to up their quality, which kicked in around the 2012 model year.  This should translate into much better reliability than in previous years. He and his wife own a VW Golf, among other cars, and it has been reliable according to him except for an annoying rattle someplace under the dash.

      OTOH, my mechanic told me to avoid them, as they need lots of repairs, and when they do the repairs are expensive.

      I bought a Mazda 3, and am very happy with it so far after 25000 miles.


      • harold heckuba
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        My sister had a 2005 Beetle convertible she bought new.  As soon as the warranty

        ran out, it started dying on the interstate every few days.


        The problem couldnt easily be pinned down, so she traded it for a 2009 Jetta.  It had

        AC problems, constantly burned thru CO2 sensors,  and overheated., also post warranty.

        All of these repairs were outrageously expensive.


        She got rid of it for a Toyota that has been trouble free.  She wont buy another VW.

      • Mad Tele
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        get a lease and dont worry about it. 

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      I bought a New Beetle in 2002 to serve as a sort of utility vehicle--an extra car to drive around town and to take skiing and camping. It has a ton of room in the back with the seats folded down and it gets 30 mpg in the city. I still drive it quite a bit. It's been to California and Vegas a few times. Fun to drive. Very few problems other than the usual maintenance stuff. It's been extremely reliable and handles great on snow and ice. It did take a lightening hit in Denver awhile back--blew a couple of fuses and messed up my alarm system, but I got all of that sorted out with no permanent damage. I really like the car and I've been thinking about replacing it with a GTI or Jetta.


      • guildfire
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        I've always had good luck with Honda (Civic, Accord) and currently have a Hyundia Sonata 2006 and Subaru Outback 2001 that have been reliable too.  Next car might be a Ford as I am impressed with their Focus and Fusion models.

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      VWs are for hippies.

      I don't like hippies.

      If you drive a VW, by choice, you must be a hippie and I'm afraid I will be forced not to like you.

      Damned hippies.

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      • 6down1togo
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        Lease a Hyundai Sonata. Nothing down and between $169 and $199 a month. Drive trouble free for 4 years, turn it in and repeat.

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      last year we bought my wife a used mini cooper... 2007 model... sunroof, leather seats etc....it had done 50,000 km and was in immaculate condition... so far, it's run perfectly, although it's expensive to get it serviced... she LOVES it


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        My old Golf 2 was the most reliable car ever, no repairs, no costs, gotta maintain oil and tyres and that was it. But my friend works in VW repair station, he claims that the new models are too expensive and not so reliable. He doesn't drive VW