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  • Let's play stolen or fake

    Saw this add up and not sure if this is just one of the tribute guitars he's trying to pass off as an older one, whether it's a fake (hard to make out the headstock), or whether it's just stolen 

    Originally posted by fu2jobu"1999 was all about me wanting to find Lou Bega and giving him a few good bitch slaps. "FS/FT - LTD Mirage guitar with EMG pickups. (MIJ)

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    It's real why would you fake a 70's SG standard anyways the Shaller bridge the and the neck inlays and the volute look right .


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      There only is ever one reason to scratch a serial number off.  Even if that guy didn't steal it, someone did at some point in that instrument's history.  Given the low price, he has to know it was stolen at some point, assuming it wasn't him.


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         Amazed by the way wood boring insects always go for the same place on the headstock..png" alt=":smileywink:" title="Smiley Wink" />



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          What do these usually go for? 

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        He's either been busted or he found a sucker.
        We're not in Kansas anymore.


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          Craigslist threads: Useless without a screenshot. Once the listing is pulled, the thread dies with it if it lacks the info...