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New pedals arrived from Donnerdeal

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  • New pedals arrived from Donnerdeal

    Picked up a couple pedals off Donnerdeal. These shipped 2 day USPS from their TN warehouse.
    Donner Blues Drive. Supposedly a repackaged Mooer Green Mile. Has a TS style sound. Don't care much for the Hot boost mode. The Warm mode is the traditional TS style tone. Came in a very nice case with magnetic latch. $37
    ENO ( DSO-2 Trouble overdrive. An OCD style clone. I like this one a lot. It's what my Peavey Classic 30's gain channel should sound like. Nice thick crunchy tones. $32 on sale, back up to $55 now. I like the LP mode best.

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        How does everything feel on those? Are the knobs flimsy and wobbly? How does the general fit and finish look?

        I'm kind of surprised they don't have a tremolo in the lineup.

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          Knobs are not flimsy or wobbly. Footswitches feel good. I popped the back cover off and the footswitch is on it's own PCB. The main PCB I did not try and take out to see the circuit. I'd have to remove the knob and take off the nuts for the jacks. In/out jacks are PCB mounted but do use metal nuts on the case.

          I figured for the money it was worth the risk to try these. So far I am satisfied. I am a home player so these won't get knocked around. The tiny black controls are hard to see when adjusting, I would suggest painting the arrow.


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            definitely room in the market for pedals like this


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              I want to try some Caline pedals next


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                I did not bond with the Donner Blues Drive. Flipped it on eBay for a loss . Though not much of a loss since I bought the ENO pedal on sale for $32 and now it is at $55. The ENO OCD clone is kicking my Lumpy's Liquid Lead to eBay too. It has a nice fat bottom end and I just love the crunch tones.


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                  The Eno OCD type is good, isn't it. I really like the Eno ES9 - TS9 clone too for the way it interacts with single coils, crunchy at the bottom of the neck, singing at the top.
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                    I see that ENO has an OD-9 and ES-9. Any difference?


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                      Anybody else get an offer from Donner to get a 100% refund on pedals you buy then post a review on U-Tube or Reddit? Verrrrrry innnnteresting....


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                        donnerdeal post a coupon on FB today,the code is 2014#eno1 ,haven't you used it ? can get 40% off...