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Eire / UK / Euro Spam Thread 3-7-14

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  • Eire / UK / Euro Spam Thread 3-7-14

    Cheers from across the pond. We're going to try a weekly Euro spam thread and see how that works out. Here's the rules:

    The Rules:

    I'll try to close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".

    One post per person, per weekly spam thread.

    If the details have changed - for example, a item or two on your list has sold, you've lowered your asking price, or you no longer are looking for a new XYZ Toobyeller cheep - EDIT your original post.

    ANY and all exceptions to the one post, per person per weekly spam thread rule need to be approved by me PRIOR to the second post.

    This thread is for "want to buy", "want to sell" and "want to trade" posts ONLY. If you have a question about an item that's listed, please contact the seller via PM or email - don't ask questions in the thread.

    New pedal announcements from builders go in here too. The "one per week" rule applies. No discussion or questions about announcements in here. If someone unaffiliated with the builder wants to start a separate thread asking about it, that's fine, and the builder can respond - but we're getting way too many builder started "announcement" threads lately, so we're going to try this for a while instead.

    If you have questions regarding a certain pedal brand / type, or its suitability for various purposes / tasks, please do a search or start a new thread for that discussion.

    If a seller is asking too much (in your opinion), don't slam them for it in the thread. Yes, it might be helpful to some buyers, but OTOH, buyers should take the time to research anything they're considering buying...

    HC does not have any involvement in sales between private parties, or members and builders, and this ongoing weekly thread is posted as a public service - as always, caveat emptor et venditor!

    "Look at it this way: think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of 'em are stupider than that."

    - George Carlin

    "It shouldn't be expected that people are necessarily doing what they appear to be doing on records."

    - Sir George Martin, All You Need Is Ears

    "The music business will be revitalized by musicians, not the labels or Live Nation. When the musicians decide to put music first, instead of money, the public will flock to the fruits and the scene will be healthy again."

    - Bob Lefsetz, The Lefsetz Letter

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    FS:- Colorsound Overdriver Clone- NOS Parts SI Fuzz Face


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      Yep, this is all for sale. And I guess I'm open to trades and whatnot.

      Line 6 M9 €200
      Velcro. Box. No adapter.

      Malekko E600D €220
      Velcro. Manual. No box.

      Malekko Vibrato €85
      Velcro. Box.

      Red Witch Synthotron €260
      Velcro. Box. Adapter.

      What I want:
      SS/BS Mini
      Strymon Big Sky
      Your money

      What I will consider:
      Your stuff


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        I've got too many overdrive pedals so offloading my Madebymike BJF Honey Bee/Catalinbread Formula 5 dual pedal.

        This bad boy

        EDIT: Now gone to ebay -
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          '93 Japanese-made Squier Strat on ebay -

          Includes hardshell case, couriered to UK, anywhere else let me know and I'll price up delivery.

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            Freakshow Maharishi


            Hand Painted S/N 10107 - some minor wear and tear

            looking for €120

            freakshow by mechanicalapple, on Flickr
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              Right, all for sale. Prices include shipping, payment by bank transfer, cheque or cash on collection (with a discount for saving shipping fees). Sensible offers considered, but I ain't desperate. Contact through PM or toni at tertl dot co dot uk.

              Heritage H150 with 70s Gibson pickups

              Heritage H150 'Les Paul'. Hand made in the ex-Gibson Kalamazoo factory in '97, I bought it in the US in 2004 and brought it back with me. The neck is a slim 60s type, weight about 9lb and not weight-relieved. Pickups are 70s Gibson: T-Top in the neck and a Patent Number in the bridge for a very clear and vintage voice. Hardware consists of a schaller roller bridge and tailpice, grover kidney button tuners and wide style strap buttons.

              It's in good condition for its age, minor scratches and chips on the corners of the headstock, some buckle rash to the back and the binding has separated a little inside the cutaway, but is stable (pics on request). The top and neck are in great condition without dings or damage. Comes with OHSC and the original funky shaped Heritage cream pickguard. The guitar is located in North Oxfordshire, about 3 miles from junction 10 of the M40.

              Looking for £750 shipped within the UK, and would consider a 24"/27" photographic quality monitor in part exchange.

              JJ Goldtop special:

              Bought this from Tony Muschamp, the owner of JJ Guitars at that time in 2005 at a music show (played it and didn't want to put it down) . The Goldtop Special was fitted with Dimarzio mini-humbuckers instead to the P90/humbucker combination that was standard. It's all mahogany with PRS style faux binding, a nice thick neck, but not so thick as to require acclimation, and a smaller, lighter body with great upper-fret access and a weight around 7lbish. Hardware is JJs own lightweight stop-tailpiece, Sperzel machine heads and master volume & tone with coil split on the tone control. Come with the case supplied by JJ and a certificate of Authenticity.

              The guitar is in great condition, a few minor scratches on the back but certainly not anywhere near buckle rash, unblemished neck, headstock & top. I'm looking for £480 shipped, and would consider a 24"/27" photographic monitor in part ex.

              Pedals etc.

              Joyo British Sound - Marshall amp modelling in analogue circuitry - the boys are back with this one. Excellent condition, boxed, £22 shipped.

              Eno PT-1 tuner, good condition, boxed. £18 shipped.

              Eno Myomorphia Rat clone, as new, boxed. £21 shipped. sold

              Danelectro transparent overdrive, excellent condition, boxed & candy included. £22 shipped.

              Rothwell Lovesqueeze compressor, good condition apart from marks on the base where glue from the feet has been removed. £55 shipped. Proguitarshop demo.

              Arion SCH-Z stereo chorus, excellent condition, boxed. £30 shipped.

              Pedalworx cactus crunch, handmade in the US - It's a boutique overdrive pedal designed to give great cleans too using voltage pump technology. Volume pot crackles so spares or repair, £25 shipped sold.

              Joyo California sound - Boogie analogue modeller pedal for Santana tones, as new condition, boxed. £22 shipped.

              Pearl CH-02 chorus - does the rotavibe sound for which these are famous. Good condition for age, but some chips and battery compartment cover missing, boxed with instructions. £40 shipped.

              Ikea Gorm pedalboard - 2 levels for dual banks of pedals, 30" long, space on one end for a volume/wah, 5 meter power cable to twin socket on base. Spayed with BRG automotive paint. £20 collected, £35 posted.

              More pics here: for sale?sort=3&page=1

              All can be seen/collected in North Oxon, around 3 miles from junction 10 of the M40.
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                good peoples: Fender&EHX4ever, Melx, Woolyh


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                  good peoples: Fender&EHX4ever, Melx, Woolyh


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                    good peoples: Fender&EHX4ever, Melx, Woolyh


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                      good peoples: Fender&EHX4ever, Melx, Woolyh


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                        Brand New Mint In Box white MOOG CLUSTER FLUX £405
                        Elektron Analog Keys Synthesizer, mint in box £1150
                        Ibanez WH10 V2 £40
                        Pedaltrain Grande 4 with flight case £170
                        I have a bunch of Planet Waves plugs and cable, about 26 plugs most are made into patch cables already in various sizes, including one very long guitar to board cable. These plugs are £5 individually.£100 for the lot

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                        good peoples: Fender&EHX4ever, Melx, Woolyh


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                          Digitech Whammy IV (No box, including power supply. Well used.) - £70 TC Electronic Shaker - £70 TC Electronic Dark Matter - £50
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