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OT: Marc Bolan/ T-Rex Fans?

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  • OT: Marc Bolan/ T-Rex Fans?

    I had my Marc Bolan phase/obsession like maybe 8 years ago. Any fans? I don't see a lot of T-Rex fans out there? Are you there?!


    Marc Feld (September 30, 1947

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    Hell yeah, I love T-Rex.
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      no they woooon't fooool, the children of the revolution aaaha
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        Originally posted by Thelonius
        Hell yeah, I love T-Rex.


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          For the T-Rex sound you need one of these. This is the Jennings version of the Vamp/Vampower amp. Killer cool, tons of gain, huge sweep of the tone controls, and from Mr. "Vox" Jennings.
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              Originally posted by fuzzface71
              20th Century Boy must be one of the heaviest guitar riff and tone ever recorded.

              I know. That's up their in my cool heavy guitar list with Bowie's "Queen Bitch," Zep's "Houses of the Holy" and "Wanton Song," the first White Zombie album, and Frankie Valli's "Let's Hang On to What We've Got."


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                I love T Rex and also the earlier Tyrannasaurus rex stuff. Unicorn is my favorite of his albums.
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                  i own the Tank album it gets played at least 3 times a week.
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                    present and accounted for.
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                      Originally posted by fuzzface71
                      20th Century Boy must be one of the heaviest guitar riff and tone ever recorded.

                      Have you ever seen the live video of that? It has to have the worst solo ever put to tape. That LP was damn cool, though.

                      Any classic rock fan who loves guitar riffs must go through the T-rex thing. It's cool stuff. I think he was really beloved by other rockers of his time. I bet he partied hard...


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                        No haven't seen that.
                        And yes...

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                        -Marc Bolan


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                          i love listening to trex for his mixes and all the little riffs/ablibs he throughs in...

                          great stuff......
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                            Originally posted by danceatron
                            I love T Rex and also the earlier Tyrannasaurus rex stuff. Unicorn is my favorite of his albums.

                            Love that stuff too! Just the voice, bongos and guitars.


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                              A lot of his guitars were DI'd straight into the console mic-pres.