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  1. Originally Posted by arthurdent'd recently saw this, twas a fine film. Yes, I think I like it better than "Time Will Tell".
  2. Sorry I have to bump this old thread after watching...
  3. The Demeter is good, but does a very specific trem style and has an annoying volume boost. Not a bad pedal but not as good as I was expecting. The Semaphore, on specs, is perfect. I thought it would be - and wanted it to be - THE tremolo. The problem I had is that it altered my tone in a way I didn't like (thinner, with an almost harsh, treble-y edge) which made it unusable (for me) with any kind of distortion. It sounded quite nice clean. It also annoyed me that the speeds I used most were around the top end in the slow toggle settings, and in the bottom of the high speed position - so I was continually having to switch between slow and fast. (For the record, this was a 9v Semaphore - bought new - from 1997; the newer models may have changed.) . Have you ever tried the EH Stereo Pulsar? This is what I use. The Semaphore that I've tried in the store is a tad better, just not sure if it's $100+ better?
  4. Originally Posted by hilikus8 This is just great, the board, the amps (how's the deacy?) but I'm currently gas'ing hard for an SG, how do you like yours with the pathfinder? Hey thanks! Like most guitars. They all sound good thru the Pathfinder. Originally Posted by JrB i have both those voxes! the Brian May sounds pretty darn good with the clean side cranked. i'm thinking of doing a stereo rig w/ these. DO IT!
  5. I had a serious GAS on that guitar last year. I've actually played one, they do play well, but it felt really cheap. I tried finding an original, but too much $$! Here's famous Wilshire player 8Tyg5SJDpiQ&feature=related
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