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  • Your favourite Mic and why....

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    Originally Posted by woolyh

    I thought in the States if someone comes in your home uninvited your legally allowed to kill them to death

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    Depends what for. SM57 is a great all rounder, especially with a decent pre-amp. Use it on guitars, vocals and snares all the time.

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      i really love using Beyer M88s on guitar cabinets. its like an SM57 without a blanket - transparency in the highs/mids and a much phatter bottom. huuuuge!
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      I wish I could go back in time and punch Floyd Rose in the face.


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        Sennheiser 441

        ... because I SAID SO.


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          audio technica ae3000 coupled with a sm57: both together is the most amazing combination for rock amps in large room. The ae gives you a great fullness while the 57 gives you all the definition.

          Other notable mics: audix d6, great kick drum mic for heavy rock/metal.

          I like sennheiser e604 for toms: easy and usually get a nice tom sound, as long as it's decently tuned.
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            my favorite mic that I have (not a fancy collection at all) is my audio technica at4047. It works on a lot of stuff.

            I would love to have a really nice sdc like a neumann km84 or something. I haven't tried enough mics to pick a favorite. I love AKG c414s, but not everyone does.


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              For use on myself (mics I own):

              Vocals (studio): Soundelux Elux 251
              Vocals (live): Shure Beta 58
              Guitar (studio): Royer R-121 (combined with Shure 57)
              Limited bandwidth mic: Placid Audio Copperphone
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                I use the SM57 for tons of different applications, I love it.

                It's just that demon life has got me in its sway

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                  I would love to have a really nice sdc like a neumann km84 or something. I haven't tried enough mics to pick a favorite. I love AKG c414s, but not everyone does.

                  414s on acoustic are gorgeous. they're especially in their element as room mics while tracking drums.
                  Originally Posted by Operator

                  I wish I could go back in time and punch Floyd Rose in the face.


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                    1.SM87 or Sennheiser E-series for Vox (SM58 for rough gigs or when sharing) -
                    Both extremely accurate mics (SM87 & E935) and high headroom b4 feedback or distortion. Great for singers with unusual voices and suitable for all ranges.

                    2. Sennheiser MD 421 or 609 for guitars - Great balanced tone. easy to find the amps sweet spot. Usually coupled with a SM57 in the studio = magic!
                    the 609 works better for live applications. Good noise rejection while retaining tone of ur amp. Not as touchy as a SM57 on stage.

                    3. And I agree with Devi on the 441!... the upgrade of the MD421.. but I only own the 421 and not the 441...
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                    Nothing can get between kirk and his wah.


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                      For micing amps, Sennheiser e609 is pure win
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                        I'm a singer more than a guitar player, and I love the sound of the NTK on vocals. It also sounds great with acoustic guitar and percussion. I haven't tried it yet with amps or drums, but I'll bet I can make it sound good.


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                          Another +1 on the SM57. I absolutely prefer it to the 58 for vocals. You can blow the **************** out of that tiny diaphragm and it distorts in a very pleasing way, IMO.
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                            SM57 is a great all rounder, use it as a close mic, room mic, vocals, guitar, drums. Sennheiser E609 is a great close mic, use it on vocals sometimes.

                            Otherwise it's a Green Bullet through a Big Muff or an actual megaphone for dirty vocals.
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                              the ones i use the most are:

                              AKG C4000B
                              Shure SM57
                              Royer R-122
                              Groove Tubes GT30

                              if i had to pick a favourite, i'd say the C4000B - it does a great job with every sound source i've tried with it (vocals, various acoustic instruments, percussion) and the look and build quality is exceptional; more than a match for far more expensive mics in my opinion.

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