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  1. Both are excellent builds and sound fantastic. The HB is dead on and the Clarinot is great, just have no use for this type of pedal any longer. Looking for- EHX Pulsar Boss TR-2 OCD other clones Thanks
  2. I have a Delta Blues 1x15 in excellent condition. Great amp, just need to fund another purchase. Looking to get $425 (price includes shipping) If you're in the Chicago area, it's yours for $400 If interested, send me an email and I'll get some pics to you. Thanks danbellus@comcast.net
  3. Phase 90 w/ r28 mod - Good Condition Looking for wah/tremolo Thanks
  4. I have a Fender Modern Player Telecaster Honey Burst up for trade. It's in near mint condition and plays great. It's this one http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Modern-Player-Telecaster-Plus-Electric-Guitar-107274896-i2013844.gc Looking to trade for things on this list - Skreddy Screw Driver Lumpy's Tone Shop Lemon Drop Skreddy Ernie Rainbow Machine by EQD Timmy OCD M9 M13 Honey Bee MIAB Pedals Interesrting od, tremolo, delay, anything. Make me some offers Thanks
  5. I have the old standby MXR Phase 90 - Good Condition Montgomery Appliances MKII - Great Condition, sounds awesome. Battery only. Looking for a Wah or Tremolo Thanks
  6. EHX Holy Stain Excellent Condition w/ box and goodies $80 Come and get it!
  7. For Sale or Trade Crowther Hotcake BB - Excellent Condition $145---------TRADE PENDING---------------- Henretta Choad Blaster - Excellent Condition $110 Phase 90 - Good Condition $55 EHX Holy Stain - Excellent Condition $85 Trade for One Ton Bee Timmy Skreddy Screwdriver Jelly Roll Paisley Drive EHX Pulsar Open to offers, thanks
  8. Choad Blaster - Excellent Condition $125 GMD Luther v1.- Excellent Condition $90-------------TRADED------------- Moen Jimi Zero Vibe - Excellent Condition $60-------TRADED------------- Looking for - Crowther Prunes and Custard Tremolo Fuzz Anything Thanks
  9. Anything here, for the Crowther PC? Moen Jumi Zero Vibe GMD Luther 9 Pin Electronic OD - Cross between a Timmy/OCD Bigsby B5 - Needs work, but in decent shape
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